HTC introduces its RE camera with Android and iPhone support

HTC introduces its RE camera, similar to a GoPro and compatible with Android and iPhone

HTC presented its new camera, similar to a GoPro, at its exhibition event in New York. Although the camera does not include a viewfinder, HTC ensures that it is easy and simple to use.

One of its features is that it works individually and has a connection with Android and iPhone phones . In the entry we detail all the features of the new HTC camera.

The HTC GoPro, its name is RE

HTC introduces its RE camera with Android and iPhone support
HTC introduces its RE camera with Android and iPhone support

This small HTC camera, which looks similar to a submarine’s inhaler or periscope, has a simple design with only two buttons and no screen to display the image. While this may be an impediment at first, HTC claims that this will not be a problem, given its simple and easy operation. In addition, we can use our phone’s screen as if it were a viewfinder, although this will not be necessary, as the camera works individually.

Given this lack of a viewfinder, the camera has a 146 degree wide-angle lens and an aperture of f2.8, with the latest image stabilization technology. It is also waterproof , emphasizing the HTC itself, which is ideal for underwater selfies and for recording videos underwater.

Easy and simple operation

As we were saying, the camera only has two buttons. One of them works as a camera shutter release, which allows us to take 16 Mp pictures if we just press it once. But if we leave this same button pressed, we record video with a maximum resolution of 1080p. The second button is used to record videos in slow motion, at 96Fps and in HD quality, we assume at 720p.

The camera has 8 Gb of storage, which can be expanded using Micro SD cards. We can also do Time Lapse, thanks to the fact that it includes this function and thanks to a small base on which the camera can be placed to leave it on a surface, we will not have any problem. It also has accessories such as a clip to attach it to clothing and even a helmet, with an elastic.

HTC is trying to match this new camera to the quality we would have with the pictures from a smartphone, but without the phone. Of course, the camera has the advantage of having a wide angle and a good image stabiliser. It also boasts one-handed operation, given its small size and curious shape.

In addition, HTC has partnered with the Youtube video social network, where we can stream live videos recorded with the RE camera . HTC has mentioned on several occasions that we won’t need a PC to be able to use the camera. It will only be necessary to connect the camera to an Android phone or iPhone to be able to manage it and even use the phone as a viewer, as we have mentioned at the beginning and we have known thanks to 9to5Mac. At the moment there is no comment on whether it will be compatible with Windows Phone.

The camera will be able to record videos for 1 hour and 40 minutes and take about 1,200 pictures, before its battery is consumed. A duration that seems sufficient, given its characteristics.

What’s your price?

The RE camera will reach the market at the end of November, at a price of 299 euros, although in the USA the figure given is 199 dollars. In addition, the camera will be available in several colors: orange, navy blue and white among them.

HTC RE camera announcement video

As there is nothing better than a video, to see how the new camera works, we leave you with the official video of the HTC RE camera.

We can think of countless uses for this new HTC RE camera. In addition, given its small size, it is not difficult to take it anywhere to have it always available and it also has a quite reduced weight, only 65.5 grams.

What do you think of the new HTC RE camera? Tell us your impressions in the comments.

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