How to write text in Apple Watch with Scribble

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En el menú de Scribble, tan solo tendremos que dibujar con el dedo las letras que queremos indicar. Es importante que tengáis en cuenta que puede distinguir entre mayúsculas y minúsculas, además de que detecta las tildes. Cuando escribamos dos letras de una palabra, podremos acceder con un giro de la corona a las sugerencias, para que elijamos la palabra más adecuada. De esta forma, dejaréis de preocuparos de contestar a vuestros mensajes más relevantes, porque podréis hacerlo desde vuestro Apple Watch.

How to write text in Apple Watch with Scribble
How to write text in Apple Watch with Scribble

The Apple Watch has made it clear over the years that it is an excellent communication tool. Although at first they did not manage to innovate as much as they wanted from Apple, leaving behind features such as the direct access button to favourite contacts, they have managed to make it more intuitive than ever . In fact, it’s rarely necessary to take your iPhone out to reply to one of the messages we receive every day.

And all this has been thanks to the introduction of features such as the Quick Response system, an improvement in Siri’s voice dictation, and of course, the integration of a handwriting functionality . Scribble, allows us to respond to messages quickly and silently, so we don’t have to interrupt other activities using Siri. It does this by using a combination of two technologies, handwriting recognition, and word suggestions.

In this way, we can write messages with a certain complexity , without having to waste time repeating the same phrase several times into the microphone of the clock. And to do this, we only have to access the menu of answers that appears every time we write a message through the Apple Watch. When you access it, select the option Hand, which will appear as the main option, under the dictation, emojis, and Digital Touch.

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