How to watch TV online from iPhone or iPad for free

It’s practically an evidence that the way we watch TV is changing. Whether it’s because of services like Netflix or because we’re giving more and more importance to mobile devices rather than TVs, the truth is that TV is no longer consumed in the same way as it was a decade ago. However, if you want to continue enjoying the classic TV channels from your iPhone or iPad you must know that you can do it and in this post we tell you how.

There are numerous apps in the iOS App Store that allow us to watch TV from our iPhone, iPad, and even an iPod touch. And although we’ll show you the most important ones below, we’d like to point out that most TV channels have their own apps for watching their content, either live or on demand. Some of them are RTVE a la carta (Spanish Radio and Television channels), Mitele (Mediaset channels) or Atresplayer (Atresmedia channels).

How to watch TV online from iPhone or iPad for free
How to watch TV online from iPhone or iPad for free

It is worth noting as important advice before using any of these apps, that you check that you are using WiFi and you are not using mobile data unintentionally, as the consumption of these can be high and it can be a real chore if you do not have a high tariff. However, if you have no choice but to ‘throw away’ your data, you can do so, as the apps do not prevent this.

My Online TV

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As we said before, there are many apps that offer online TV channels in iOS. However, there is one that stands out from the rest, at least in our opinion. That app is Mi Televisión Online, which not only has channels from Spain , but also offers a wide range of TV channels from other countries like Argentina, Mexico, United States and some more. Although it should be noted that watching TV online has a certain delay compared to watching it via cable or antenna, this app manages this delay very well, making it only a few seconds.

TV Guide Synchro

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Okay, you caught us, this is not an application as such to watch TV but it has other very interesting features. Also, we insist that the previous app is ideal for watching TV online. In Sincro Guía TV what you’ll find is a extensive guide in which you can find out everything about your favourite programmes. It even has a reminder feature so you don’t miss the premieres that interest you. Its simple and dynamic interface will delight you, highlighting its good search tool to find everything you need. No doubt it’s a good app to combine with My Online TV.

Have you been able to try any of these apps yet? What do you think? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.

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