How to Use a Mouse on your iPad without Jailbreak

Have you ever used a mouse with your iPad? Soon this will be possible even without having to Jailbreak your tablet in a very easy and simple way thanks to DoBox. If you liked the idea read on, because below we tell you more details about this interesting project.

There are people who sometimes would like to be able to use a mouse to move around on the iPad, as it must be acknowledged that when doing certain actions would be very useful . And this is what the guys at DoBox have thought, to make the iPad even more useful.

How to Use a Mouse on your iPad without Jailbreak
How to Use a Mouse on your iPad without Jailbreak

DoBox is a small accessory that allows you to connect a mouse, a wired keyboard or even a printer to your iPad or iPhone , but also to your Mac. Without a doubt, it’s a device that will significantly improve the productivity of the Apple tablet and will not leave anyone indifferent.

The video accompanying this news item shows the DoBox, the first wireless dock for iPhone, iPad and Mac that will allow various devices to be connected . For example, thanks to the DoBox you can connect a hard drive, a wired keyboard or mouse and even a printer to your iPad.

But it doesn’t stop there, because DoBox also has internal storage and an integrated microSD memory card reader . It also has a built-in battery that allows you to charge any device, even the iPad you’re currently using, through a USB port.

The DoBox will also have an HDMI port for transmitting videos, games or presentations to any HDMI monitor or projector . As you can see, this is a very interesting device that will allow the user to do a lot of things and greatly improve the productivity of the iPad.

While it is true that the vast majority like to use these touchscreen devices with their fingers, as they say in CultofMac, having the option of using a mouse or connecting other types of peripherals to the iPad is a great advantage . In a very short time DoBox will become a project in Kickstarter, but it will surely not take long to reach the market and who knows if it will revolutionize it.

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