How to Send WhatsApp Animated GIFs from the iPhone

GIFs en iOS: herramientas para crearlos y apps para compartirlos

WhatsApp has finally been updated to allow users to send and receive GIFs without leaving their conversations. In addition to sending animations stored on your phone, it will also be possible to search the massive Giphy library to find the animations that best suit what you want to express.

How to Send WhatsApp Animated GIFs from the iPhone
How to Send WhatsApp Animated GIFs from the iPhone

At this point many may not have found the option to use GIFs in WhatsApp for iOS or may want to know the steps to be able to submit these animations. That’s why we at Apple share a little guide for you to take advantage of this feature.

Step by step to send an animated GIF from the reel

  • First, it is important to make sure you have WhatsApp version 2.16.15 or higher on your iOS, otherwise you will never find the feature active.
  • With the updated app, you must open the conversation and click on the icon to send a media file.
  • At that time, they must choose the GIF or video of the ‘Reel’ of their device.
  • If it’s a video you want to convert, you can choose how long you want the GIF to last and choose the word ‘GIF’ at the top of the video.
  • At that point they can add emojis, words and even draw on top of their creation. Imagination is the limit.
  • When they have the GIF ready, they can send it to their friends, because the same chat window generates a preview so that the contacts see the animation without having to open it separately.

Step by step to send a GIF from Giphy

In addition to offering users the ability to create their own animated GIFs, WhatsApp allows access to the Giphy library to send animations from there and share them in conversations.

For this, it is important to have external keyboards such as Giphy or Gboard, which have the function of sharing GIFs. Remember that when sending animations from these apps WhatsApp will also offer preview , so GIFs will have movement in the conversation without having to open them separately. To be able to send GIFs from other services we need to follow these steps.

  1. Install an iOS keyboard with the option to send GIFs.
  2. Choose the GIF option within the WhatsApp conversation.
  3. Search for the GIF we want to send.
  4. As with our own GIFs, WhatsApp allows us to add emojis, write sentences or draw over these GIFs.
  5. Finally, we can send it to our friends. As you can see, we don’t have to leave the conversation or the app at any time.

Integration with Live Photos

WhatsApp allows since one year ago to use Live Photos as GIFs , so we can send these creations as if they were animated GIFs. In order to do so, you will have to use 3D Touch on the image and then choose the option “Select as GIF”.

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