How to save battery power on an iPad: the best tips

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Álvaro García M.

How to save battery power on an iPad: the best tips
How to save battery power on an iPad: the best tips

Posted May 15, 2020 – 10:30

If you have battery problems with your iPad or if the battery life of your iPad is not sufficient for your use, you may be interested in learning about what we have to say in this article. We’ll give you some tips and tricks to help you save time on your Apple tablet. Great options if your iPad is a few years old.

iPad battery saving tips

If you use your iPad outside of the home for schoolwork or professional purposes, it’s extremely important that the battery holds up, because it’s not always easy to find out where to charge it. Although if you use the device at home, regardless of which apps you use, these tricks will come in handy, since unfortunately the iPad does not have a low-power mode as iPhone does.

  • Lower the screen brightness if possible. Brightness is one of the most battery-consuming aspects, so turning off automatic brightness and lowering it manually can be tremendously helpful. To do this, go to the Control Center or in Settings ?
  • Activate True Tone if you have an iPad with this feature. To activate it, go to Settings , Display and Brightness.
  • Use the dark mode whenever you can. This is a great solution on iPhones that have an OLED screen and unfortunately iPads don’t have one yet, but it will always consume less than light colors. Activate it from Settings ?
  • Disable Bluetooth if you don’t have an Apple Pencil, keyboard or other device attached. To do so, go to the Control Center or Bluetooth Settings.
  • Disable WiFi completely if you are not performing any action that requires an internet connection. From the Control Center it is not enough, since here it is only temporarily deactivated, so you must go to Settings However, if you need an internet connection and you have an iPad Cellular, it is advisable to connect to these networks whenever possible, as mobile data consumes more battery power.
  • Try locking the device manually through the button because letting the screen turn off with the automatic lock makes the screen stay on longer than you probably need.
  • Disable the location of apps that don’t need to have your location to use them. The location service is permanently sending data and thus generating battery consumption. To disable it, just go to Settings , Privacy , Location and enter each app you want to disable the location.
  • Disable the background location by going to Settings , General , Update in the background, as these processes are among the most battery consuming on the devices.
  • Disable some notifications that you do not need. Doing this in some apps will save battery power considerably. To do this go to Settings , Notifications.
  • Disable automatic downloads so that updates to your apps don’t generate battery consumption in the background. To disable them, go to Settings , iTunes, and the App Store.
  • Use Airplane Mode as an emergency when your battery is low but you can’t turn off your iPad. This mode can be activated from the Control Center and from Settings .
  • Locate the apps that consume the most and see if it pays off to have it installed or use it so much. You may find some surprises in apps that you really don’t use as much for the consumption they have. You can check this out at Battery Settings.
  • Keep your iPad always up to date, because every update implements internal measures that optimize your iPad’s resources. You can check if there are any updates available at Settings , General , Software Update.

Don’t get obsessed with the battery

We understand the need to save battery power on certain occasions and that these tricks can be useful, but it is not necessary to apply them all. Following every single point will make your experience worse, which in the end is not a pleasant one either. That’s why we recommend you do it with common sense and only use some of these tips in situations where you really need them.

If you have problems with the battery

These tips are not miraculous, so many times they may not even save your battery considerably. This is the case for older iPads or those with battery damage that causes the battery to degrade significantly. For these cases, we recommend visiting the article on how much it costs to repair an iPad battery.

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