How to save a GIF on iPhone

These days, most people have funny pictures and videos on their smartphone to share with friends and family. If you want to expand your private collection with GIFs we explain how you can save them on your iPhone in two different ways.

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How to save a GIF on iPhone
How to save a GIF on iPhone

Currently there are alternatives in the App Store to create your own images, such as the You Doodle extension for iOS 8, although they are not animated. But if you’re looking for GIFs saved on your iPhone, keep reading, because we’ll tell you how to do it easily … Let’s get started!

The GIF format, for those who are curious, is a graphic format that supports animation, 256 colors and takes up very little space . It is common to see them in animated web pages or logos, and although at first you might think you couldn’t save them on the iPhone, today we show you that it is possible.

How to save a GIF directly to the iPhone

The first thing you have to do is find the GIF you want to save from your iPhone, one of the easiest options is to search from the Google image section, for example “GIF green arrow”. You will see that they do not move, but if you click on it you will see if it is animated or not.

All you have to do is choose the one you like best, click on “View image” and keep your finger pressed on it. As you can see a menu will appear at the bottom with the option to save the image, click on it and the GIF will already be in your Photo Cart .

But don’t panic when you don’t see the animation from the iPhone photo application. To see them in action, you have to send it using Mail or iMessage , because as you see, Apple has quite limited the use of GIFs in iOS. That’s why we recommend that you create a folder to save them and quickly identify whether they are animated or not.

Saving a GIF on iPhone using an application

Secondly, we teach you another method, which we recommend in case you work or create GIF regularly. Open the App Store and do a search with the word “GIF” .

The App Store offers you a wide variety of apps , from libraries where you’ll find new GIFs every day to share with friends through iMessage, as well as save them directly to the app.

You will also find options to create your own animated images and save them to your iPhone very easily and simply . On the other hand, there are also applications where you can store all those images, send and receive them, even GIF keyboards to express yourself in a very original way.

Some of these GIF applications for iPhone are free, but others are paid , so we recommend that you find out what they look like, although Apple already offers the possibility to return and ask for a refund of the money paid for an application if it is not what you expected.

And you, did you know that you can save GIFs on your iPhone?

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