How to Request a Replacement AirPod Pro Cushion

AirPods Pro have interesting features not available on regular AirPods, such as noise cancellation. However, they have a disadvantage over the others in that they have more parts that can be lost in addition to the headphones themselves. We are referring to the rubber ear pads that serve to fit the ear. If you have lost or broken one of these ear tips and need to request a replacement, here’s how you can do it.

How to Order Replacement AirPods Pro Pads on Apple

You’ve probably searched everywhere you’ve gone to see if you can find your lost AirPods Pro pad. So, in that case, you can go to Apple and ask for a replacement. You’ll need to go to their support website to do so. Specifically AirPods Pro support . Once here you will have to click on “Replace AirPods Pro pads”. You will now find different options.

  • Request Replacements: Here you can request the replacement of one or more of your AirPod Pro earpads. You will need to indicate the size of the pads (small, medium or large).
  • Find replacement AirPod prices – just press here if you have lost a complete headset. If this is what you have lost, please note that these are the prices you will have to pay for the replacement: £29 if you have Apple Care+ insurance. This is the same price if you order a new charging case. £99 with out-of-warranty service. This is also the price of the charging case.
  • Chat: In this part you can start a chat conversation with an Apple agent who will help you solve the issue.
  • Talk to Apple Technical Support now: Here you can request to be called by phone for assistance from Apple’s agents.
  • Make an appointment at a store: This option allows you to consult and choose the date and time of an appointment at the Apple Store. This is useful if you want to receive your replacement pads in store or if you have any other questions about a device to be repaired.

Buy third party pads

How to Request a Replacement AirPod Pro Cushion
How to Request a Replacement AirPod Pro Cushion

For proper operation and a complete experience, Apple always recommends using its official accessories. Therefore, using third party pads may not give you the same experience as the original ones, however the option exists. Although it is logical, the company will not take care of these.

In some portals like Amazon we can find pack of pads that are very similar to the original ones, even available in black. These usually have low prices and therefore we understand that their materials are not of a very high quality and far from the same as Apple’s. However it can be an emergency solution if for any reason you cannot pay the price of the official replacement pads at this time.

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