How to Remotely Monitor Your iPad’s Activity

We all agree that today’s electronic devices have become commonplace for children. Parents, however, are concerned about whether it is good for their education that they spend so much time with these technologies. The good news is that there are increasingly effective tools for remotely controlling a smartphone or tablet.

We refer to certain applications that allow to record each child’s activity with the iPad. Remotely, we can track what they’ve been doing with the tablet, the text messages they’ve sent, check email, web browsing history, GPS position, and browse the photo and video library.

How to Remotely Monitor Your iPad’s Activity
How to Remotely Monitor Your iPad’s Activity

What’s more, we can even have direct access to what’s happening on the iPad screen, in real time . All these applications are part of the service offered by companies such as Mobile Spy , and require a quarterly fee to enjoy their full potential.

Note that you need an iOS-enabled device that has been jailbroken , because you need access to the file system and other features that Apple does not normally allow.

The quarterly subscription costs 40 ?, during which we will have access to the features we have mentioned above. For that price, it’s most likely a fairly high quality and reliable service, although it’s certainly not cheap .

Do you agree to use technology to control your children? Or, on the contrary, is it an act of overprotection and should not be reached?

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