How to record Snapchat videos without touching the iPhone screen

To record a video on Snapchat, you need to hold down the record button on the screen continuously, so as a rule, most videos you see on the social network are made just a few inches away from the camera. Many people don’t like this and want to have more freedom when recording their snaps, so today we’re going to show you a little trick that allows you to record videos for Snapchat without touching the iPhone screen .

To take advantage of this trick we need to use AssistiveTouch, a feature of iOS, the iPhone’s operating system. In the case of Android devices this trick cannot be used and we do not know if there is something similar in the operating system, although we assume that there will be some way to do it.

How to record Snapchat videos without touching the screen with AssistiveTouch

How to record Snapchat videos without touching the iPhone screen
How to record Snapchat videos without touching the iPhone screen

1.- The first thing we must do to record without touching the iPhone screen is to activate Assistive Touch. To do this we access Settings – General – AccessibilityAssistiveTouch .

2.- Activate the option AssistiveTouch with the switch.

3.- We play over Create new gesture .

4.- Press on the screen and leave it pressed for about 10-15 seconds. This will simulate a long press on the Snapchat recording button.

5.- We play over Save in the upper right corner.

6.- Put a name that easily identifies the newly created gesture and press the button Save from the pop-up window.

Once these steps are done, we’ll have our custom gesture ready with which we can create videos in Snapchat (or other apps that work in a similar way as Instagram could be) without having to touch the screen continuously.

Now, all we have to do is open Snapchat and when we are in the recording screen activate the gesture by tapping on the AssistiveTouch icon and choose the option Customize and then click on the name we have given to the gesture. At that moment a new icon will appear in the form of a circle on the screen that we can move over the Snapchat video recording button when we want to start recording.

How to activate AssistiveTouch only on demand quickly

Many of you won’t mind, but others may not like having the AssistiveTouch icon permanently on their iPhone screen. That’s why we can use another feature of iOS to quickly turn the function on or off.

The steps to follow are as follows:

1.- We access SettingsGeneralAccessibilityQuick Function .

Select the option AssistiveTouch .

This would be it, we can now deactivate or activate the AssistiveTouch function in a very quick way; simply by triple clicking on the Home button of the device . When we do this we’ll see how the button printed on the screen appears or disappears.

Another alternative for recording videos in Snapchat without touching the screen

Another option to record videos in Snapchat without touching the screen is to use some iPhone compatible Bluetooth controller. In this case it is necessary to make a financial outlay to get one, although it would not be too high, as there are options for less than 10 euros. The advantage of using this method instead of AssistiveTouch is that we will be able to start the recording without touching the screen at any moment; something that with the personalized gesture is not possible, since the recording will start at the right moment of placing the icon that identifies it above the record button, although after starting we can move freely.

This second alternative is also compatible with Android devices , since this type of controls are generally compatible with any device with Bluetooth and camera.

How about this trick? Have you ever thought about recording videos for Snapchat without having your finger on the screen of your iPhone or any other smartphone? We hope you find this little trick useful.

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