How to quickly find a photo on your iPhone or iPad


Whether you have 16GB or 32GB or 128GB on your iPhone, in the end it’s probably the photos and videos that will take up most of your time . Although iOS is pretty well organized both through the default albums and using the chronological order in Moments, the reality is that when you have more than two thousand photos, finding a specific one is difficult anyway.

How to quickly find a photo on your iPhone or iPad
How to quickly find a photo on your iPhone or iPad

Every time we take a picture, it is saved on the reel and we can access it through Moments , being classified according to the date it was taken. In iOS 10 the folders that are added by default in Photos are : Favorites, People, Places, Videos, Autophoto, Live Photos, Panoramas, Bursts, Captures, Portraits – if you have iPhone 7 Plus – and Deleted… if you don’t see any of these folders, it will be because for example you haven’t taken a photo that iOS 10 classifies as such. Still, remember that you can create your own albums .

But with all this, when you have a huge amount of photos, it’s still going to be difficult to find them. That’s why Apple has implemented a useful smart search function . Following the intelligence it uses to identify photos of people or places, in iOS 10 you can search for a word in the style of a tag and your device will find all the possible options.

But let’s see how it works. Let’s suppose, for example, that we search for the word “sea” to find a beautiful sunset over the Bay of Biscay. At that moment, the app returns the photos in which it estimates that something related to the “sea” appears: photos in which the sea appears in the background, the selfies with our friend Mar, a folder titled “Holidays at sea”. In this way, the search is much faster, easier and more effective .


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