How to put a wallpaper GIF on the Apple Watch

Estos son los mejores fondos de pantalla que puedes usar para tu Apple Watch

Ahora cada vez que mires la hora verás una pequeña animación del GIF que descargaste y la esfera de tu Apple Watch será mucho más divertida que antes. Tienes millones de opciones y puedes crear todas las esferas que quieras, eso sí, ten en cuenta que la duración no debe ser demasiado larga, si tienes algún problema prueba reduciendo la duración de la Live Photo desde los ajustes de la app fotos.

How to put a wallpaper GIF on the Apple Watch
How to put a wallpaper GIF on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the Apple devices that we can customize the most thanks to a wide variety of dials and complications, those little miniiapps that we can put in different areas of the clock. But what few people know is that you can also use a GIF as an animated wallpaper in the Apple Watch.

Doing it is easier than it seems and we will explain you how to do it step by step , as it usually happens, is a process that you have to do on your iPhone.

The first thing you should know is that Apple does not allow you to put GIFs directly as an animated wallpaper on your Apple Watch, but it does allow you to do so with Live Photos. Fortunately, the largest GIF application on the App Store allows us to download any GIF in Live Photo format . So the first step is to download Giphy.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, go inside and look for your favorite GIF.
  • When you click on download remember to do it as Live Photo.
  • Now go to the Photos app, find the GIF you just downloaded, open it and click on Edit above.
  • Click on the Live Photo icon, slide your finger down to the right of it and click on Convert to Key Photo, this way it will be the last image displayed and will look better.
  • Now save the edition by clicking on Ok.
  • Click on the share button at the bottom left and look for Create Sphere.
  • Now select Photo Dial and you can edit some dial settings, such as the position of the clock.
  • Once you have everything ready click on Add.
  • On your Apple Watch, just slide it sideways until you find your new dial.


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