How to publish non-square photos on Instagram

All of us who have had or have Instagram, have had or have a alternative application that completes us with photo margins that we want to see complete in our Timeline. It’s true that it gave Instagram more exclusivity – like the 140 characters in Twitter – but it was an option we needed. Since Instagram provided this functionality some time ago, it has saved us time , space on our device and, in some cases, money . If you still don’t know how it works or what possibilities it offers here we show you.

This plug-in does not add margins to the image to make it fit, but rather the adjusts to the Timeline taking up more screen space along the length – in portrait mode – or shortening the publication – in landscape mode – giving more play when uploading a new photo.

How to publish non-square photos on Instagram
How to publish non-square photos on Instagram

Instagram not only gives us the possibility to reset our photos, also our videos in the same way. Let’s see the steps of how to adjust it so that we can start uploading our photos without the risk of losing arms, legs or landscape from our photo in the process.

  1. We opened Instagram.
  2. We selected the camera button.
  3. We select the photo or video that we want to publish.
  4. Click on the full-size button at the bottom of the selected photo on the left (or simply click to zoom in on the photo).
  5. Select continue to the top right.
  6. The last step before publication is to choose the filter you want to apply and then choose where you want to publish the photo, apart from Instagram.

And with this we have our almost full-size photo. Yes, almost . When we want to publish an image or video in horizontal format, we have no limits, it can be as wide as we want. On the other hand, in vertical format, the limit is in a ratio a little shorter than 4:3 -the standard of camera-, that is, in vertical photos with 4:3 format we will lose a small part of the photo. If you have a higher ratio set on your camera, you will have to keep using alternatives to Instagram in order to make it complete .

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