How to Protect Your Apple Watch from Scratches and Other Damage

If you’re one of the many people who already wear their new Apple Watch on their wrist, you’ll want to know how you can protect it from screen scratches and other damage. When the Watch is worn on the wrist, it is very exposed to accidental knocks or rubbing, so it is not superfluous to protect it so that it is in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Whether you’re the type of person who wants to keep all your devices in perfect condition, or whether your plans include selling the Apple Watch when the next generation comes out, or you’ve just gotten bored with it (which we find difficult), you must make sure it’s in the best possible condition . This way it won’t lose value on resale and you can get a few extra eurites if the Watch is as good as new.

How to Protect Your Apple Watch from Scratches and Other Damage
How to Protect Your Apple Watch from Scratches and Other Damage

Not long ago we made a small collection with a selection of the best accessories for the Apple Watch, including some box and screen protectors. But let’s not dwell on that any longer and look at the different ways you can protect your smartwatch from scratches and other damage.

First of all, you must consider which model of watch to buy. Surprising as it may seem, the Apple Watch Sport Edition is much less prone to scratches than the stainless steel model . In addition, because the aluminum case of the sports model has a matte anodized finish, possible scratches are much less evident than if it has a glossy finish like steel.

Use a screen saver

The Apple Watch has a screen that is quite resistant to shocks and scratches , and even more likely to damage the case than the screen itself. However, it never hurts to protect it with a screen protector to avoid a scratch that will later be annoying when using it.

On the market today you can find screen protectors for the Apple Watch made of high quality plastic (most), but it is also possible to find tempered glass protectors . This comes in handy for those who have a Watch Sport Edition, as it is the only one of the three models that does not have a sapphire glass screen.

Get a protective housing for the Watch box

In addition to the screen saver there are other ways to protect the Apple Watch a little more. Firstly, there are hard plastic or rubber protective cases that fit around the Watch’s case, leaving access to the buttons and without covering the screen or the back .

You’ll also find casings that cover the entire screen, but can affect the feel of the touch screen. These types of cases not only prevent the Watch from being scratched, but also absorb the impact of accidental shocks .

Straps with box protection

None of Apple’s official Watch straps offer protection for the case, however some third party manufacturers have launched very interesting options on the market. These straps are usually made of silicone rubber and fit perfectly to the Watch case , although it must be said that they can be a bit cumbersome to wear.

One of the advantages of these protective straps for the Apple Watch is that are usually quite cheap , so many users choose them.

As you can see there are several ways to protect your Apple Watch from the bumps and scratches it is exposed to on a daily basis. Now all you have to do is choose the accessory you like best and adapt it to your needs.

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