How to Play Crossy Road Multiplayer on Apple TV

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¿Habéis tenido ya la agradable oportunidad de poder jugar a algún juego en el nuevo Apple TV de cuarta generación? ¿Qué os ha parecido la experiencia?

How to Play Crossy Road Multiplayer on Apple TV
How to Play Crossy Road Multiplayer on Apple TV


One of the most fun things about the new Apple TV and its Siri Remote controller is the ability to download games from the App Store to play directly from the TV, without the need to use AirPlay services from the iPhone or iPad.

In addition, thanks to some games for Apple TV , we can enjoy the cooperative multiplayer mode with our friends and family.

Today, we will explain step by step how to play the multiplayer mode of the fun pixelated game Crossy Road on Apple TV.

A couple of days ago we offered you a series of things we wanted in the new Apple TV, one of them was the use of multiple Game Center accounts, a clear example of this is the new Crossy Road.

Here are the steps to follow to play the multiplayer mode of Crossy Road:

1. Open the Crossy Road application on the Apple TV.

2. Access the character selection, then navigate to the left to choose the multiplayer mode (you’ll need to unlock at least one new character).

3. On your iOS device, download and open Crossy Road.

4. Click on the icon of the game controller.

5. Now you must wait for it to connect, you will see the words P1 and P2 in the upper left corner of the game. This will mean that you have already connected.

6. Enjoy the animals and the pixels!

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