How to make Siri talk to you drunk

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¿Qué es la aplicación Atajos?

Para simular que Siri esté borracha necesitaremos usar la aplicación Atajos de iOS 13 y
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Cómo hacer que Siri hable borracha

How to make Siri talk to you drunk
How to make Siri talk to you drunk

Este atajo se encarga de ralentizar la voz de Siri de forma que simula que el asistente virtual está borracho
No, don’t dip your iPhone in beer…

By Sergio J. Ortiz – Oct 23, 2019ShareFacebookTwitter

Since the arrival of the two new (split) versions of the mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad we have been talking at length about their new features and have recommended all sorts of iOS 13 and iPad 13 tricks that allow you to make the most of your terminal’s potential.

For example, we were talking about how to use the new floating keyboard of iPadOS 13, about a little trick to type faster on the keyboard or about how to duplicate the same app with the iPad operating system multitasking.

But not all tutorials are meant to help you improve your productivity, save time or be more efficient at what you do. There are other tutorials, like this one, that are solely and exclusively dedicated to bringing out that beautiful smile you have. Today, let’s get Siri drunk. Just like that.

You may be interested in or iPadOS 13. This app allows users to execute actions or a series of actions automatically by Siri voice commands or by pressing a simple button.

It is a very playful application that offers the possibility to customize multiple aspects of each shortcut. And with the arrival of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Apple has incorporated some very interesting new features in this application, something we will talk about on another occasion.

You may be interested in. You can choose what you want it to say, and it’s fully compatible with iOS 12, iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

There are two methods to install this shortcut on your device. You can create it yourself step by step, or you can simply choose the easy way by downloading and installing it on your iPhone or iPad from here:

Download Shortcut

Apple may not allow you to download third-party shortcuts. If you get an error message, just go to Settings> Shortcuts and enable the “Allow untrusted shortcuts” option. Don’t worry, this shortcut will not jeopardize your privacy. Afterwards, you can always disable this option again.

Creating your shortcut from scratch…

The shortcut to “get Siri drunk” is very simple, in fact it only consists of two actions. And the best of all is that you can customize the text that Siri will read at all times. Shall we start?

1. Opens the Shortcuts application.

2. Creates a new shortcut.

3. Click the “Add new action” button.

4. Adds the action “Text”.

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Guía de Atajos de iOS 12:

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5. Write the text you want Siri to read when we pretend she is drunk. Note that you should write as correctly as possible, with question marks, commas, etc. (or not, sometimes the more chaotic the better) so that it is as real as possible.

6. Press the “+” button to add another action.

7. Search for the action “Read text with voice”.

8. Tap on “Show more”.

9. Slow down and play around with the other parameters until you find the ideal tone for Siri. Remember that you can use either her male or female voice.

And that’s it! See how easy that is?

Finally, you must select an icon and a name for your shortcut. This name will be used to invoke the shortcut using Siri voice commands. Unfortunately, does not work when you ask the virtual assistant , so we recommend that you add the shortcut to your widget on the Home screen to access it more comfortably and quickly.

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