How to make money on the App Store?


This entry is dedicated to all programmers or future developers of applications for the App Store. In 9to5mac they echo a news that can be interesting if taken on the right side. The iPad does not have any clock application, at least for the moment. As where there is a gap there is an opportunity, a group of developers made Night Stand HD, a simple clock and alarm application for the iPad, which is in the sixth position in the list of best sellers, with more than 20,000 downloads in 30 days and for a price of 1 dollar. How make money on the App Store ?

How to make money on the App Store?
How to make money on the App Store?

Okay, let’s leave aside the fact that the iPad should have such an app for free, since its younger siblings bring it as standard. Let’s focus on how to make money by making an app to sell on the App Store. Let’s look at the advice given by the developers of SourceBits, Night Stand HD developers, after the jump.

  • Make a brilliant design without fail. You don’t need a lot of programming knowledge to make a watch with an alarm, but if we stick to the spirit of the advice, a faultless application is essential for the sale. If not, the feedback from it will help future buyers. If your design also enters through the eyes, better than better. Another app that has done this is Weather HD, and yes, it is an iPad version of the weather forecast and state of the art that is also in its little brothers.
  • Focus on a single functionality. If we find “the goose that lays the golden eggs”, that is, a functionality that is appealing to as wide a spectrum of the population as possible and that does just one thing and does it well, we will make a lot of money. Well, I can agree with this, but my favorite application for the iPhone is GuitarToolkit because it’s really cool all it can do and it’s not an application that focuses on just one functionality.
  • That gives added value for what it costs. It is clear that the application or game in question must fulfil its mission well.
  • Low price. A low price motivates people to scratch their pockets. A higher one doesn’t. A price of one dollar is a minimal investment, and that translates into sales clearly. And if not, tell that to App Store game sales versus PSP sales.

Well, if you’re considering developing apps for sale on the App Store, you might want to take a look at the tips above. I would add the possibility of two versions of the program, one free and another at a more than competitive price and, above all, finding a functionality that is appealing to many and is not yet developed. With the growing number of applications in the App Store, this is going to be by far the most difficult.

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