How to Install and Use WhatsApp from Apple Watch

Surely on more than one occasion you have tried to download WhatsApp for the Apple Watch, after all it is one of the most popular and most used apps in our day to day. However there is no official app for watchOS, but don’t worry because in this post we will give you a solution so you can find an alternative to keep in touch with your family and friends even with the watch.

WhatsApp limitations in the Apple Watch

As we were saying, there is no official WhatsApp application on the Apple Watch today. Neither in the iOS App Store nor from the watchOS App Store. But like many other apps that do not have official support in the watch, if we have some features such as receive notifications . This can be very useful for reading messages sent to you, however you won’t be able to enter chats to write yourself unless you take out your iPhone. This is, without a doubt, the most negative thing of all and makes us opt for alternatives to the official application.

How to Install and Use WhatsApp from Apple Watch
How to Install and Use WhatsApp from Apple Watch

Remember that if you don’t get the notifications to the clock you must activate them from the iPhone Watch app , by going to Notifications> WhatsApp.

Alternatives to WhatsApp on the Apple Watch


DownloadQR-CodeWatchChat for WhatsAppDeveloper: Alexander NowakPrice: 3.49

Maybe you’ve heard of this app and if not we’ll explain what it is. As if the name itself indicates, being a play on words of “WhatsApp”, it is a version of WhatsApp for the Apple Watch. It is from a third party vendor, so it is not official, although it works well and could make the 3.49 euros it costs to be amortized.

In fact this application takes advantage of the WhatsApp Web system , since the way to interconnect the clock with the iPhone is the same as we would use for this version of WhatsApp on a computer, having to scan with the mobile a code that will appear in the Apple Watch. This is not a problem in principle and will allow you to have conversations in your chats from your wrist. However, there are other limitations such as the obligation to always carry your iPhone with you to make it work, even though your Apple Watch has an eSIM.


DownloadQR-CodeChatify for WhatsAppDeveloper: Ivan AguirrePrice: Free

This is possibly one of the best free alternatives although it is the one with the most drawbacks. The main one is that some features are limited to the premium version , which must be purchased for 5.49 euros and includes features such as high-speed file downloads and the ability to access all chats. However, this is not the only drawback, as it has to be constantly updated to work well on all Apple Watch models.

However, it is one of the best interfaces available for the clock. It’s true that on tiny screens like those of an Apple Watch you can’t expect great wonders, but the truth is that this app knows how to integrate very well and reminds in its structure of the mobile version. It also uses the WhatsApp Web system to connect, which again means that we also have to carry the iPhone with us at all times.

In short, these are the two best alternatives in the absence of an official WhatsApp application on watchOS, which we do not know if it will ever come. There are other apps in the App Store that have similar features, but require a series of regular payments for which we believe they are not worth it. However, you can leave us your suggestions in the comment box.

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