How to install an update on the Apple Watch

Just a few days ago the Apple Watch was updated for the first time, taking Watch OS from the initial version to version 1.0.1. Although this update does not bring any significant new features at a visual level, it does offer something that many of us were asking for, greater fluidity and stability. As the updates in the Apple Watch differ from other Apple products we will tell you step by step how to update your Apple Watch .

Unlike the iPad or iPhone the Apple Watch cannot update itself . As I told you in the review, it is designed, at least for the time being, to live in symbiosis with the iPhone, depending on it for most of its actions. As for many other things to update our Apple Watch we will have to have our iPhone at hand and that both are paired.

How to install an update on the Apple Watch
How to install an update on the Apple Watch

Before we start the steps to update the Apple Watch there are three requirements that we must meet . The first one I’ve already said is that we must be within the range of our iPhone. In addition to this the Apple Watch will have to have more than 50% battery and be connected to the power at the time of the update. Having said that, let’s see step by step how to update the Apple Watch.

  1. As with most actions related to setting up the Apple Watch the first step will be to go to the Apple Watch application on our iPhone.
  2. Once we enter the Apple Watch application we go to the My Watch tab.
  3. In that tab we will go to General and within it to Software Update to check if there is a new update.
  4. If you find it, click on Download and install and enter the iPhone unlock code that will be required at this point.
  5. As with any other update from Apple, we will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions and the update will begin downloading to our iPhone.
  6. When the update is downloaded, you will be ready to install by clicking, for redundancy, on Install, thus starting the process which can take about 10 or 15 minutes until it is completed.

As you can see, updating the Apple Watch is not complicated at all, although it is different from what we usually see on Apple, especially on iOS devices . It reminds perhaps to the first versions of that system in which to update a device we had to resort to iTunes. In any case, updating from the Apple Watch application on our iPhone is a simple process without any difficulty.

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