How to Get the Apple Watch UDID

Finding the UDID on your iPhone and iPad is relatively easy , as you can easily get it by going to the summary page in iTunes, with the device connected to the computer, and seeing what it is. But with the Apple Watch it’s not so easy, since the Apple clock doesn’t show a summary in iTunes or at least it doesn’t have one yet.

In order to know the UDID of your Apple Watch you will have to use Xcode in order to find the code and here you will find the way to do it, in a few simple steps, with this Apple Watch manual.

How to Get the Apple Watch UDID
How to Get the Apple Watch UDID

As we told you at the beginning, the Apple Watch doesn’t have a summary screen in iTunes, as the rest of the devices do, but it’s easy to get the UDID of the apple clock if you follow these steps that we’re going to offer you in this simple tutorial.

Remember that in order to obtain the UDID you must have the Apple Watch paired to your iPhone and the iPhone connected to the computer via USB .

Then you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Download Xcode from the Mac App Store to your computer.
  2. Open the Xcode application.
  3. Once the application is open you only have to access the “Devices” window in the menu bar.
  4. Now click on your iPhone in the sidebar, where the devices are displayed and you should see the Apple Watch information in the paired clock information.
  5. The UDID will be in the list located in the identifier field, now you only have to select the UDID and copy it, to save it where you want or take note with pencil or pen in a notebook, whatever you prefer.

If you have followed these simple steps, you will already know the UDID of your Apple Watch, save it and do not share it with anyone.

You may be thinking that you might need the Apple Watch UDID and there are several reasons. A particular case may be to gain access to an application that is still in the preliminary or Beta phase, as the UDID code is sometimes required. But there are other reasons why you might need it, so it is always better to have it at hand, than having to use Xcode to get the code every time.

We don’t know if Apple will introduce this information in future versions of iTunes, as you can already see in other devices in the apple, but in the meantime you can use this simple tutorial to get the UDID, method that we have known thanks to iDownloadBlog.

Did you know about this method of obtaining the Apple Watch UDID?

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