How to export your chats in Telegram in macOS

Rusia pide a Apple que retire Telegram de la App Store del país

And it is as if in Telegram they had listened to me, because recently the company has launched a new function in macOS to be able to export our conversations .

How to export your chats in Telegram in macOS
How to export your chats in Telegram in macOS

Exporting them involves saving them locally to a file , which we can open in several different ways and which allows us to delete all chat history so that the Telegram cache takes up less space. This can be useful for those who use this messaging service intensively and generate a lot of content in a short time. Let’s see how we can do it.

First of all, an important clarification must be made: this tutorial works with the official Telegram desktop client, which is compatible with MacOS, Windows and Linux. It can’t be done with the separate version of the client exclusive for macOS, so make sure you have installed the universal client even if it is only for this export.

Once you have made sure you have the universal desktop client, access its preferences from the menu with the name of the application or by pressing CMD + ,. Just before the ‘Advanced settings’ section you have the ‘Export Telegram data’ option:

A new window will appear where you will have to scroll vertically to see all the options. You will be able to include your own personal information in the file you export, as well as choose what you want to include. Texts, images, videos, contact lists, groups and individual chats.

Finally you can choose whether you want to export everything in an HTML file that you can open with a browser or a JSON file that can be read by other applications and services.

The export may take a while depending on what you have chosen to save in that file and how long your conversation history is. You’re exporting all your conversations, so be patient. If you have chosen the HTML file option, this is what it will look like when you have finished exporting everything:

Now you can delete the entire history of the Telegram Cloud if you want to, because the conversation history will be conveniently stored in a local file that you can consult whenever you want.

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