How to Easily Connect iPhone to TV

Apple’s iOS devices, both iPhone and iPad, offer the possibility of connecting them to the television for viewing photos and videos , in addition to applications and games, on a large screen. Connecting the iPhone to the television is very simple, but there are several ways to do it. We can do it by means of AirPlay or by means of the official cables, but there are also some alternatives to be able to see the photos and videos on any television.

Until the SmartTVs improve in terms of software and the set-top boxes solve some problems they still have, the best way to view photos and videos from the iPhone or iPad on the TV is to connect the devices directly . The smartphone isn’t exactly the best media storage medium, but if you have streaming videos, photos, games, slideshows, or video applications that you want to share, carrying them on your iOS device can be an easy way to view them on a large screen. There are several alternatives for connecting your smartphone to your TV and the best solution depends on several factors, so let’s look at them in detail.

AirPlay via AppleTV

How to Easily Connect iPhone to TV
How to Easily Connect iPhone to TV

Apple TV is the simplest, easiest, and most functional way to share any screen of our iOS device on your TV. It’s not the cheapest accessory, about $109 , but as I said it’s the best solution for those who want to connect their iPhone to their TV wirelessly. Obviously the AppleTV is not only for this purpose, offering other functions such as specific channels or streaming video and photos from the computer.

To share our iPhone content via Apple TV, simply connect both to the same network and use AirPlay to view the iOS device screen on your TV. Not only will we be able to view photos and videos, we’ll see the entire iOS interface on the big screen. Today, there are many applications on the App Store that support AirPlay, allowing you to watch TV shows, movies, videos, games, and more on the big screen.

The Apple TV, via AirPlay, can take advantage of the mirror function if you have an iPhone 4S or higher and an iPad 2 or higher . There are other AirPlay-compatible devices, such as some AV receivers, but they are only for viewing photos, videos, and listening to music, so we won’t be able to see the entire iPhone interface.

AV Adapter

An AV adapter compatible with our device can be purchased at the Apple Retail Store and at all authorized resellers. The price is £49 . Once we have the accessory, we only have to connect the iPhone at one end and the HDMI cable that will go to the TV at the other end.

It is worth noting that the AV adapter with Lightning connector (for iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad Air) brings out more quality than the cable for devices with 30-pin connector. However, we know that this cable does not just pass the signal directly through the HDMI: inside it there is a chip that compresses the video signal before it is sent to the TV. In other words, the quality of the video will be good, but will never be a true 1080p .

Composite cable for older TVs

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The price of this cable is £40 .

Video manuals for connecting Apple iPhones to the TV

And here are the options we have for connecting our iPhone to the TV. Do you use any of them? Do you know any that we haven’t mentioned? Tell us in the comments!

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