How to create a book in Pages for iOS and publish it in Apple Books

The latest update of Pages for iOS includes a really interesting novelty and from which makes more and more iOS about macOS, it is about creating and publishing our own book in Apple Books.

Until today, we had the possibility to create our own book from iOS or macOS, but we could only publish it in Apple Books through a Mac. Thanks to Pages we are the publishers and producers of our creation, without intermediaries. On the part of Apple, it gives us the opportunity to publish our book in the digital store created especially for this purpose.

How to create a book in Pages for iOS and publish it in Apple Books
How to create a book in Pages for iOS and publish it in Apple Books

As we mentioned, the problem we were having is that in order to complete this step, we couldn’t do it directly from the iOS version of Pages , forcing us to go to a Mac in order to carry out our work. Now the tables have turned and it is really positive, not only because we can have more options in mobility with the same purpose, but also because it gives iOS a greater independence not to depend on other computers like a Mac.

Pages simplifies the process of creating and publishing our book

Before we go to the final step that would be the publication of our book in Apple Books, we want to give you some guidelines to create your own book, since surely it is something you had in mind but maybe you didn’t know how to start.

Everyone has something to tell , be it a manual, a story or even a novel. The imagination of each user is really powerful, with the only limitation of not knowing how to start developing our story and the paralysis of what to do with our book once it is created, where to publish it, how to obtain benefits or who to go to to help us distribute it.

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Well, all these steps Apple has managed to simplify it in a really incredible way. Thanks to Pages (which is also free) we have the opportunity to start, progress and finish our book from a device that fits in our pocket or from the comfort of an iPad with an external keyboard.

Starting a book does not have to be complicated if we follow some practical advice . If we plan to create a book as such, we will see it as something distant, complicated, cumbersome… because the first thing that comes to mind is hundreds of pages, but if we “chop” it up things change.

Write down the points you want to comment on

It is much easier to go by writing down the points that we would like to include in our book. It doesn’t matter how many we have over the course of a few days, weeks or months as we can then outline each of them. The idea is to be clear about the important points, we can write them down in Notes to have them synchronized in all the devices.

Our mind is prepared to act, but not to be used as an alarm or reminder, so writing down those points that come to mind is important. The inspiration can come at any time, so we should take advantage of our devices and applications so that those ideas are not forgotten.

Develop each one when you are inspired

When you have the points more or less defined, don’t look for an order yet . Now is the time to start developing them, but only when you are really ready. If you are very motivated to start with a particular section, go ahead and develop it. The order doesn’t matter.

Don’t force yourself to go ahead or go in order, because writing in a forced way won’t benefit you and will become very heavy, even if you accomplish your goal, you won’t have enjoyed creating it and there may not be an interesting development left.

Put the pieces of the puzzle together

You can mark an estimated date to have the points in your book completed. You don’t have to make it a month, depending on how much time you have, you can extend it as long as you want, but set yourself a deadline (it can even be months or years). There is no hurry, the best creations have not been written in two days, so act with patience, optimism and without hurry .

If you think you have more than enough content, start putting the pieces of the puzzle together . This means that you order the points that your own book should have so that the reader can follow your manual, story or novel in a chronological way.

Create illustrations or animations to improve your book

Pages allows you to integrate images or even create an interactive book to enhance the experience of our creation. Luckily, the App Store has the tools to do this, but if you don’t feel up to it or prefer to leave it to an artist, come along without any fear.

Remember that we are creating a book for publication in Apple Books , so we have many possibilities to create an interactive book, add references, videos, animations… Do not skimp on those details, take advantage of all the potential they offer.

How to publish our book in Apple Book from your iPhone or iPad

Well, thanks to the last update of Apple Book, we can publish our book in a really easy way, although previously we will have to have an account in iTunes Connect . This account allows you to distribute your publications and get data on their performance.

Once we have our iTunes Connect account active and our book finished, we need to go to Pages, click on the three dots in the top right and click on “Publish to Apple Books” .

We log in and will be asked if it is a new book or an update of one we have already published. Choose the desired option and click on “Next”. From here, we have to fill in the data you ask us, from the cover image to insert the fonts we have chosen.

We are already in the last steps to be able to publish our book in Apple Books, we simply have to follow the indications that are appearing and wait for the approval of Apple . As we can see, a very intuitive, simplified and really simple process.

Thanks to this latest update of Pages for iOS , Apple makes it possible to go a little further down the path of the iPad, since we no longer need to go to a Mac to complete our goal. So you no longer have any excuses to let your imagination run wild and share your knowledge or your own story with the world from the versatility of an iOS device.

If you want to know some curiosities about famous books that have been written (in part) from a mobile device, we remind you this quite interesting post about it and that maybe can serve you as a motivation to start with your goal in Pages for iOS.

Will you dare to finally create your own book and distribute it in Apple Books?

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