How to check your lottery ticket using your mobile

Today is the day of the new millionaires, the Christmas lottery draw is the one that distributes more prizes throughout the country . Maybe you are one of the lucky ones but how do you know with all the people we say you have bought?

Don’t worry, we’ll show you all the possibilities you have to check your lottery tickets from your mobile phone . You have many different options to find out if you are one of the lucky ones.

How to check your lottery ticket using your mobile
How to check your lottery ticket using your mobile

We have different options to check our sayings, there are web pages and applications that will help us in this task. We start with the first option.

Official website of the Christmas lottery

One of the easiest options to check your lottery tickets is to go to the official Christmas lottery website . There, a virtual decima will appear and you will have to enter the details of your decima and the number of decimas you have bought.

If we have been awarded any kind of prize it will tell us how much we have won . To access this website just click on this link. This is a good option, but it will not save our data and if we want to check many tenths and then calculate how much we have won, the next option is better.

Mobile App

The previous option is fine, but if we want to keep a more meticulous control it is best to download an application that makes it clearer how much we have earned. To do this the best thing is to rely on one of the most valued apps to check the Christmas lottery: iPremio.

This is an app created by Tulotero, the best application to play the lottery from your iPhone. Its operation is very simple, click on the number to enter the tenth and select how much we played . When you click on check it will automatically tell us if we have won. It is also an app compatible with the draw on Children’s Day.

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