How to Charge the iPhone and iPad Battery Faster

These tricks will help you charge your iPad battery faster

Loading an iPad or iPhone can often be a tedious process , due to its long duration or the time it takes to complete it 100%. But there are many tricks, which many Apple fans do not know, to increase the speed of charging the phone and tablet. Here are a few.

Simple tricks for faster battery charging

With these simple tips we’re going to give you below, you’re sure to make your device’s charging times much shorter and have your phone or tablet available for use in less time than you’re used to. These are very simple tricks to perform and as surprising as they may seem, they work. Let’s list four tricks for charging your iPad and iPhone faster or more efficiently.

Choose the right charger

How to Charge the iPhone and iPad Battery Faster
How to Charge the iPhone and iPad Battery Faster

The technical specifications of a charger or power adapter have differences in the speed of charging . Not all chargers are the same and some are much faster than others, as they have more power. But not only that influences the speed.

There are three different types of chargers, the one with the USB socket, the iPhone adapter and the iPad adapter. Each has different features, which make it more or less efficient:

  • USB computer: 5 volts, 0.5 amps, 2.5 watts of power
  • iPhone charger: 5 volts, 1 amp, 5 watts power
  • iPad Air Charger: 5.1 volts, 2.1 amps, 10 watts of power

As you can see the numbers are not the same for everyone and although it may seem confusing at first, they define the speed of energy transfer. So c on a more powerful charger, the faster you can complete the battery charge. And we say can, because it also depends on other factors that can limit the speed of charging and that we tell you below.

The charger is not the power adapter, the latter is inside the device and is the one that regulates or manages the charge. Even if you buy a higher power charger, it does not mean that the charging speed is faster. But ultimately charging the device via USB is the slowest way to do it.

Remove the protection or housing

Have you ever noticed how the device heats up while charging the battery? This can be due to the case or protection it is wearing at the time, which makes the temperature rise, or also because you have left an application open and it is consuming power.

It is best to remove the protection while charging a device of the bitten apple company, as the heating of the battery can reduce it and make the charge slower or not charged satisfactorily.

If charging via USB, charge on a Mac

We’ve already mentioned that charging via the USB cable is the slowest way, but if you’re charging via a Mac with one of the high-powered USB ports available on some models, it’ll be a lot faster. In a way this is just a rumour, but it is true that some Mac USB ports have different powers . You have to make sure you have connected the device to a port that charges the battery, not all of them do, and keep the computer on to do it properly.

Can you use an iPhone charger to charge an iPad? Or vice versa

If you can, there’s no problem charging one device with another’s charger, so you can charge your iPad with an iPhone charger and vice versa. There is a rumor that if you charge an iPhone with an iPad charger you can make it break, but as we said before, the adapter is included in the phone or tablet itself and it is the one that regulates the power, so there is no obvious problem.

In the following video you can see this, no matter if the charger has 10 watts of power, the iPad will charge at that power, but the iPhone will only charge at 5 watts, because of its internal adapter that regulates the power.

Still, there are reports that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus charge faster with an iPad Air charger, although this data has not yet been verified.

Using Airplane Mode

This is a good trick for charging the fastest device. If you activate the airplane mode it uses less energy during charging, as it is practically inactive, so the charging is done faster.

However, remember that if you load the device in airplane mode you will not receive any notification or phone calls , which is obvious and logical, so it is worth mentioning. So far some tricks or tips to make the loads less slow that we have known thanks to Macworld.

I’m sure some of them are useful to you or you know one that we haven’t mentioned. If you have a problem charging your iPad or iPad Mini, there’s a solution. You can leave your impressions or advice in the comments, we’ll be happy to read them.

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