How to change your Apple ID password on Mac and Windows

Changing the Apple ID password in MacOS and Windows

Changing your Apple ID password can be useful if you’ve forgotten it, and in fact should be changed if you don’t remember it. At Apple there is a password recovery process, although we’re lucky that we don’t have to go through this process and can directly change the password in a really easy way from our Mac if we have a certain version of the system.

In order to change the password from a Mac with Catalina macOS or later we must follow the following steps:

  1. Addressed to System Preferences. You can do this from the top bar by clicking on the Apple logo, from the corresponding icon in the dock or by pressing cmd+space and typing it in the search engine.
  2. Click on “Apple ID” at the top right.
  3. On the left bar, click on “Password and Security”.
  4. You will now find the option to change your password, but you will need to enter the password with which you unlock your Mac.
How to change your Apple ID password on Mac and Windows
How to change your Apple ID password on Mac and Windows

If you’re on a Mac with Catalina MacOS or a Windows PC you can change your password by following these steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to the official Apple ID website.
  2. Enter your current username and password in the appropriate box.
  3. Now go to the “Security” section and click on “Change Password”.
  4. You will now be required to enter your current password and twice the new one.

Rules to keep in mind for the new password

One of the rules Apple imposes for your passwords is that cannot be any of the previous ones you have used , so you must make at least one change. That is, if you had, for example, “Hello1234” as a password you should make a change of style “Hello1243”.

Also, and this is not a rule but a recommendation from us, don’t use predictable passwords like your phone number, your name or that of a relative and of course nothing that is already referenced in your own username. Also, don’t use only numeric characters or lowercase letters. The most common recommendation is to mix upper and lower case alphanumeric characters together with signs. For example “Ho?la-quE$tal”.

Don’t worry if you put in a password you don’t remember. With the iCloud keychain you can save your password so you don’t have to memorize it every time you enter it on one of your Apple devices. It is also recommended that you do not just use the password as a security method, but that you can also set up a two-factor authentication method .

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