How to Backup Our iPad or iPad Mini

Backing up our iPad or iPad Mini is one of those essential things every device owner should know (and do). Throughout many tutorials we always recommend in passing that you make a backup to have all your data protected by what may happen.

Today we are going to get down to business with this tutorial in which we will learn the two possible ways that currently exist to back up the iPad: via iTunes or via iCloud. Still don’t have all your data safely stored? You have no excuse anymore.

Backing Up via iTunes

How to Backup Our iPad or iPad Mini
How to Backup Our iPad or iPad Mini

With iTunes, making a backup is very easy. In fact, if you have not turned off the option to make a backup automatically , every time you connect your iPad to your computer, the program will make a backup by default.

However, if you want to do it manually or you notice that iTunes doesn’t do it automatically as usual (this can happen), it’s best to go to your device’s tab in the top right corner and click on “Back up now” .

Once clicked, you’ll see a loading bar at the top of iTunes indicating the time remaining until the copy is complete. All backups of your devices will be stored on your computer, so it is recommended that you delete older backups via iTunes – Preferences – Devices .

How to back up via iCloud

With the arrival of the Apple cloud, a new possibility is opening up to us when it comes to backing up all our information. If you are one of those who are lazy enough to connect your iPad to your computer to make a backup, iCloud backups can be your best ally.

1.- To do this you just need to go to Settings – iCloud – Storage and Copy .

Here you must activate the “iCloud copy” switch , which by default will be deactivated.

3.- Once this is done, by clicking on “Backup Now”, our iPad will start to make a backup at the same time as it is stored in the cloud.

As the guys at iPadItalia indicate, once the backup is complete, it will remain in the Apple cloud waiting to be overwritten by a more recent copy and of course can be restored at any time on the same or any other device.

What is your favorite method of backing up the iPad? Share them with us.

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