How to Add Music to your iPhone Without iTunes

There are certain limitations on Apple’s mobile products that ruin your user experience, and one of them is their reliance on iTunes.

When transferring videos, images, songs and other files you will need to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iTunes.

How to Add Music to your iPhone Without iTunes
How to Add Music to your iPhone Without iTunes

But, fortunately, there are other alternative methods to synchronize the contents. Today we’ll explain how to add music without going through iTunes . It’s very easy! Look, look!

Cloud Services

There are some very important cloud services that will allow you to upload your music collection for playback on your iPhone or iPad, even without an Internet connection.

Alternatives to iTunes

Of course, we also have software available to synchronize songs between PCMac and iPhoneiPad. And they are wonderful alternatives to iTunes!

App Store Applications

Additionally, we can choose from dozens and dozens of applications on the App Store to listen to our favorite songs. With them we can add music, create playlists, search for artists… Here are some of the best:

Tweaks of Cydia

And finally, for the “bad guys” we have available a large number of apps, tools and tweaks from Cydia through the Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad that allow you to import music directly to the device. The only downside of this is that there is no Jailbreak available for iOS 10 yet, but everything will come…

Here is a list of the most important tweaks for adding music from the Jailbreak scene:

  • Bridge
  • iFile
  • MewSeek
  • Streaming Radio

What method do you use to listen to and import music to your Apple mobile devices? Do you know any other application or software to do so?

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