How to add and manage the faces of our photos on the iPhone

Así funciona la detección facial de Apple: inteligencia artificial y mucha computación en local

The detection and classification of faces in our photo libraries is something we did extensively in the golden age of iPhoto, but with the advent of the cloud and the modern photo program it is going a bit more unnoticed. And now that we can have a single universal photo library in iCloud, that face detection can be more present than ever.

How to add and manage the faces of our photos on the iPhone
How to add and manage the faces of our photos on the iPhone

The reason for this is that face detection can be on both Macs and iPhones, so we have the opportunity to add those faces even in our dead time on the subway or bus. We’re going to show you how to do this using the iPhone itself with iOS 11.

Open any photo you have in the Photos program that has at least one person in it. Once you have that photo on screen, slide your finger up. You should see memories related to that photo and, below, a row with all the faces that have been detected.

Play over one of the people. The photo will reappear on the screen. Tap ‘Add Name’ to tag the person whose face is detected:

Press OK on the next screen and then go back to the photo details. Now go to the Photo Albums section, where you will find the ‘People’ section. Click on it to access and you will see that the person you just named is already among the other faces that Photos has detected in the rest of your photo library:

If you click on that face you’ll access its details. Scroll down and tap on ‘Confirm more photos’ . There you can confirm or deny the photos in which Photos thinks the same face appears, helping the application itself to learn to identify it better.

If your iCloud photo library is active, any changes you make to faces will automatically be reflected on your other devices.

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