How to activate YouTube’s dark mode using Safari on MacOS

¿Por qué YouTube ha dejado de soportar vídeos 4K en Safari?

The appearance of the web in general also changes, adding more spaces and adopting the concept of Material Design typical of Google and Android.

How to activate YouTube’s dark mode using Safari on MacOS
How to activate YouTube’s dark mode using Safari on MacOS

At first it seemed that this interface, which is a simple experiment at the moment, could only be activated from Chrome. But since Reddit we have found someone who has managed to activate it in Safari , so let’s go over how to achieve this step by step.

First of all, make sure you have the latest version of Safari installed. The trick may work with older versions, but we can’t guarantee it. We also warn that an ad blocker may prevent this dark mode from being activated.

That said, open Safari and access your preferences. In the ‘Advanced’ tab, activate the option ‘Show the Development menu in the menu bar’ .

You can now close your preferences and open the YouTube website in your browser.

With the website open, go to the ‘Development’ menu and click on ‘Show Javascript Console’.

A developer-oriented section (don’t panic, we’re not going to start programming) will open in the lower section of the website, with several tabs. We want to go to the ‘Storage’ tab.

On that tab, locate the ‘Cookies’ section on the left sidebar. A list of cookies will appear with their names and values, where you will look for the cookie VISITOR-INFO1-LIVE . Select it and delete it with the delete text key. If you don’t find it, nothing happens, so you don’t have to delete it manually.

Now go to the console tab, place the cursor on the line starting with ‘>’ and type the following by changing the single dashes in VISITOR-INFO1-LIVE to underscores and removing the spaces between the asterisks :

document.cookie=’VISITOR-INFO1-LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE;;path=;max-age=’+100 * 365 * 24 * 60 * 60+’;’;

Press Enter, close the Javascript console and reload the YouTube website. It will not change color, but you will see that if design has changed slightly. Now click on your avatar, and in the drop-down menu look for the option ‘Dark Mode’ to activate it.

There, you have your favorite video portal with a black interface.

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