How to Activate Siri on Apple TV if Not Available in Your Country

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Now that we have the possibility of using the voice commands of Siri , Apple’s virtual assistant, in tvOS the search for movies and series is much simpler and funnier. With Siri, as we informed you from the guide of the Apple TV controller, we will also be able to control the video reproduction (add subtitles, advance, go back…), open applications and much more.

How to Activate Siri on Apple TV if Not Available in Your Country
How to Activate Siri on Apple TV if Not Available in Your Country

However, Siri is not yet available for Apple TV 4 in all corners of the world . In fact, at the moment it is only available in 8 countries: Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States. Although it is expected that Apple will gradually add support in more territories.

That’s why we at iPadizate tell you how to activate the functionality on tvOS from any country , whether you live in Mexico, Argentina or Hungary. We hope you find it useful!

How to activate Siri on Apple TV 4

Siri will work as long as you set up your fourth-generation Apple TV with a supported language and use the App Store in the United States.

1. Launch Apple TV and go to Settings> General.

2. Select “Language” from the “Language and Region” section.

3. Change the language on your Apple TV to English or Spanish (Canada).

4. Then go to Settings> Accounts> iTunes Store and App Store.

5. Select “Location” and choose one of the Siri-compatible countries. In our case, Spain.

6. Then go to Settings> Accounts> iTunes Store and App Store and sign in with a US or UK account.

7. A pop-up window should appear asking for permission to use Siri, otherwise go to Settings> General> Siri to activate the Apple voice wizard.

8. And that’s it! Now you can search the App Store, skip to the next episode of your favorite series, get the weather forecast, check sports scores, and more – all without lifting a finger!

Important: Siri requires an Internet connection to function properly, if even with Wi-Fi access you are unable to activate the test functionality to restart your Apple TV.

Voice commands for Siri

If you have finally managed to activate Siri on your Apple TV, you will be interested in learning some of the most useful voice commands for tvOS 9.2:

  • Siri, open Netflix
  • Next episode
  • Advance 45 seconds
  • Go back 1 minute
  • Siri, what did you just say?
  • What’s the weather like today?
  • How tall is Leo Messi?
  • When does Real Madrid play?
  • Who is the main character in this film?
  • Search Denzel Washington’s movies

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