How to Activate and Install WhatsApp Beta on iOS

Although Android has a beta version of WhatsApp where we test the features that will be included in future updates, in iOS we did not have a public test version . This has changed radically because from today if we are in iOS we will be able to register in the public beta program to test all the new features that will come to the official application.

As we say, although the Android and Windows version has had this program for quite some time in iOS we could not register for this beta. Having this possibility from now on will let us test the new features that are close to being implemented in the official application to detect possible errors.

How to Activate and Install WhatsApp Beta on iOS
How to Activate and Install WhatsApp Beta on iOS

If you are interested in entering into this program you must take certain precautions, because although it will be a fairly stable version we must remember that there may be some problem. That’s why it’s advisable to make a backup to avoid any loss of information.

Not all users can access this public beta program, but as with Android there are a limited number of users who can enter this program. That’s why if you want to download the beta version on your iPhone we recommend you follow these quickly to enter the beta program:

  • Download the TestFlight application from the App Store.
  • Now we must go to this website to download the necessary license.
  • Once we download the license, the registration process will start automatically and we will have to accept the necessary permission.
  • Once we accept the invitation received, a beta version of WhatsApp will be added to our device that we can use on a regular basis.

At this time you can test all future WhatsApp releases before they reach all users in an official update.

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