HeartWatch, the app with more information about our heart rhythm, is updated with new features

Today the HeartWatch app, from the same developer as the well-known AutoSleep , has been updated with new features: redesign, improvements in navigation, in how information is displayed, new functions and a redesign of the app for Apple Watch.

For those who don’t know, HeartWatch provides us with a comprehensive view of the information that the app collects from our Apple Watch. The app is divided into four sections: Constants , Dashboard , Activity and More.

HeartWatch, the app with more information about our heart rhythm, is updated with new features
HeartWatch, the app with more information about our heart rhythm, is updated with new features

In Constants we have all the information of the different readings represented with a system of coloured rings . With a tap on any of the different graphs we access the detailed graph.

In the section Dashboard we can consult several data. All of them are shown in more and more detail as we tap into the different metrics and access graphs and history. The data in this section is:

  • Those of our activity: Movement, Exercise and Standing.
  • Those of the heart rate readings: divided into rhythm during sleep, on waking and during training.
  • Those of the steps and movement: where we see the steps of the day, the turns and the calories during the movement.
  • Timogochi’s, which we can call Tim for short, shows us a visual representation of our day in the form of a small doll more or less in shape.

Finally the Activity section gives us access to what the app considers a substitute for the activity rings of our Apple Watch. In the introduction, the same app explains that sometimes, because every day is different, the activity rings of our Apple Watch can be complex to close. HeartWatch goes to a dynamic system that varies the targets of the day based on our historical data. The idea is to accompany us to be active without putting too much pressure on ourselves.

Speaking of what is specifically new we have to say that this redesign, based on an interface where we can consult all the data with a touch, a pressure or sliding, greatly simplifies the experience. As we saw in the AutoSleep analysis, from the same developer, both apps are characterized by providing us with much, much information and details. Fortunately with this redesign the information is sufficiently hierarchical so that we can easily consult the information we need and go into detail whenever we want.

Finally, it is important to mention the redesign of the app for Apple Watch . It includes several new features, such as conceptual heart rate alerts, new complications, personal notes when we receive an alert and more.

In AppleAutoSleep, a great choice in sleep monitoring apps

The upgrade is free for those who have already purchased the previous version. We can buy the app for 4.99 euros in the App Store. The app is compatible with watchOS 4 and iOS 12.

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