Hazel arrives at version 4.0, and these are all her new features


If there’s one application that’s never been missing from all my Mac computers, it’s Hazel. For those who don’t know this tool, allows you to automate different repetitive tasks on the Mac . For example, automatically delete files that have been in a folder for X time or move all files in X place that contain X words to X folder. The possibilities are truly endless.

Hazel arrives at version 4.0, and these are all her new features
Hazel arrives at version 4.0, and these are all her new features

Hazel is installed in the System Preferences , and allows us to configure a set of “rules” for it to execute different actions on the computer automatically. You can configure the rules in your own way, although there are hundreds of examples on the Internet.

As noted above, Hazel has been updated to version 4 , and this means a number of significant new features and improvements to previous features.

This is a short list of the most important new features in Hazel 4:

  • Now you can apply rules to smart folders
  • Rules can be synchronized between different computers using Dropbox, iCloud Drive or other services
  • Quickly find a rule thanks to the search button
  • Previewing a rule to understand how it will work, this also allows you to see where it works well and where each rule fails
  • Hazel’s notifications now also have sound
  • We now have the “Toggle extension” action, which allows you to show or hide the file extension

Hazel is a very complex tool because of all the possibilities it offers, and it would take thousands and thousands of words to explain it in depth. However, it is an application that is easy to install and use with basic rules .

Hazel is simple, but its potential is so great that it becomes indispensable on any Mac

Hazel 4 makes things a little easier thanks to the preview possibilities it offers, so if you haven’t tried the application yet maybe it’s time to do so. You can test the application for 14 days for free, and if you’re convinced you can get a license for $32.


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