Happy birthday Siri!

Siri deja de estar en fase beta con la llegada de iOS 7

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Happy birthday Siri!
Happy birthday Siri!


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Today is the second anniversary of Siri’s arrival and the voice assistant knows it. So much so that if we congratulate her she will thank us. Something that does not surprise us because we have already seen how Siri has an outlet for everything.

For those who might be confused, Siri was released in October 2011 with the iPhone 4S. A voice assistant that really understands what we’re saying and responds accordingly. For this, it makes inquiries on the internet or the data we have stored in our terminal to, for example, tell us if it will rain or not, the temperature it is doing somewhere, we can also ask it to call a contact for us and much more.

Actions that now with iOS 7 we are reviewing in our definitive guide of everything you can ask from Siri in iOS 7:

By the way, if you ever wondered who the voice behind Siri was on CNN, they show her to us today. Her name, Susan Bennett. And thanks to @Ottost who reminded us that today was her birthday. I never had a good memory for this dates thing.

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