Greg Joswiak on scheduled obsolescence at Apple

Greg Joswiak presume de la evolución de iOS para los juegos en comparación con los ciclos de 4-5 años de las consolas

John Gruber, head of Daring Fireball, was fortunate enough to be able to interview Vice President of Marketing Greg Joswiak along with Vice President of Virtual and Augmented Reality Mike Rockwell, taking advantage of the fact that all Apple executives are now present during WWDC 2018.

Greg Joswiak on scheduled obsolescence at Apple
Greg Joswiak on scheduled obsolescence at Apple

And in the interview, Greg Joswiak has been adamant about programmed obsolescence . He describes it as “the craziest way of thinking in the world”, assuring that Apple has not even considered slowing down its devices to encourage them to be renewed. The executive has said that the compatibility and performance improvements are good evidence of this.

Joswiak continued to remind everyone of the 95% satisfaction rate of users with iOS 11 , a figure revealed in Monday’s keynote, as something not to be underestimated. And of course, it reminded us that iOS 12 will improve the performance and compatibility of devices as old as the iPhone 5s.

Greg wanted to end the debate by saying that if Apple had wanted to force users to buy more modern devices, it would have released the updates ” for about 6% of the people “. You can watch the whole interview from 29:40 onwards in the following video:

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