Google Allo vs Duo vs Hangouts, How Are They Different?

At the last Google OR, the great American company presented two new forms of communication, Duo and Allo . Two applications that will take on the all-powerful WhatsApp, Telegram, FaceTime and Skype. But along the way lies its predecessor in this respect, Hangouts. Let’s see what makes them different and if the three apps can coexist in the future .

On the occasion of the launch of Google Allo, we want to do to see if it is necessary to have the three Google applications installed or, on the contrary, we will only need one of them. We have too many messaging apps already to have to go around talking in three or more different ones.

Google Allo vs Duo vs Hangouts, How Are They Different?
Google Allo vs Duo vs Hangouts, How Are They Different?

We might wonder why Google has launched this app when there are so many of the same style on the market. However, there is a good reason why the big G decided to add Google Duo and Allo to the list. Apparently, Google Hangouts will move to the professional, business level , which leaves the other two apps alone to face the danger.

But what about those who have grown up using the current Google applications on their iPhone, iPad or other phone system? Should they give up the Hangouts application in favor of Allo or Duo, or keep them all installed? We already compared Duo to our beloved FaceTime, and now it’s Google’s turn to measure itself.

Google Allo

Google Allo was discovered by Google at the previous developer conference in May. According to the search engine company, Allo is a simple instant messaging app that takes advantage of the artificial intelligence of Google’s assistant, thus offering the user the best of messaging services. Like many other apps, Allo requires your mobile phone number, and will only be available on mobile platforms .

However, the Google Allo learning automaton will provide us with content adapted to our needs at all times, the more we use it. It learns as we chat and send emojis, making it easier for us to communicate with automatic responses similar to those used previously. We can even remove messages from the conversation , something impossible in Hangouts.

Google Allo may be the alternative to Telegram , as many of its features have been literally copied from the Russian messaging app. GIFs, message deletion, secret conversations and stickers are the similarities of both apps.

  • What does it take to get started? A cell phone number.

Google Hangouts

Given the great popularity of this app among Android users, and the fact that Hangouts comes pre-installed on a large number of devices, many people are already familiar with it. During its short life, the app has undergone a favourable evolution , becoming a more than powerful communication platform, being for personal or professional use .

Now we can send SMS, instant messages, video calls, etc . We can start a call on the mobile, follow it from the computer, and end it with a video call from the tablet. In addition, Hangouts is fully integrated with the Google universe and its apps, such as Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, as well as Skype with the Microsoft Office suite.

  • What does it take to get started? An email account.

Google Duo

This is another of the apps that Google revealed in the last Google IO conference. Unlike Allo, Duo is based strictly on video calling . It is simpler than you imagine, and will also be ‘tied’ to your mobile phone number. There is only an application for mobile platforms .

The application offers one-to-one calls with the famous end-to-end encryption for greater security that no one is watching your conversations. Apparently, Google Duo should work fine even under very low quality connections. Despite its simplicity, Duo has one feature that no other has: Knock Knock, where you can see the caller before answering in a live picture.

  • What does it take to get started? A cell phone number.

Which app should you use? Depending on the approach you are going to give , you can have all three installed. Hangouts for business meetings, if you want to get rid of Skype, Allo for your conversations with friends, if you want to forget about WhatsApp, and Duo for your quick calls to friends, if you prefer not to use FaceTime anymore. For the rest, Telegram .

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