GooApple 3G, the most perfect Chinese copy of iPhone 4 (so far)

The Chinese market for pirated copies is endless, and they continue to gain in quality when it comes to copying Apple products. Join us for a new Chinese creation called GooApple 3G.

That Apple’s products are among the most copied in the world can’t be denied by anyone. Many companies want to imitate its design and finish to take advantage of its success. You only have to look at how the large screens of the smartphones have prospered since Cupertino’s brought the original iPhone to market, the first phone with a large touchscreen and hardly any physical buttons. And the vast majority of technology blogs are forced to compare tablets and smartphones with the iPad and iPhone respectively, knowing that these (despite some) are a model to follow.

GooApple 3G, the most perfect Chinese copy of iPhone 4 (so far)
GooApple 3G, the most perfect Chinese copy of iPhone 4 (so far)

However, although large companies usually copy some of the details of these products, it is the Chinese companies that completely plagiarize Apple’s design in their creations . We have seen many imitations that, although physically similar, have nothing to do with the originals, either because of the system they use (usually Java), because of the battery life, or because of the poor quality screen they usually include. Even so, the phone that we are going to show you next has left me speechless.

Its name is GooApple 3G , and the reason it includes a clear reference to Google in its name is because it merges the two worlds, the design of the iPhone 4 and the Google operating system , although with a modification to make it look like iOS. In the following video you can see how it works:

Impressive, isn’t it? The characteristics of the phone are:

5 Mpx camera with autofocus

3G connection with Hotspot (the famous Tethering or “connection sharing”)

Integrated GPS

3.5-inch high-definition multi-touch capacitive screen

Android 2.2 Operating System Froyo

As you can see in the video, the copy is so accurate that you can even use the cases of the original iPhone 4 . The programs and games are those of Android, which also has a fairly large market for applications, although it does not reach the level of iOS in this regard.

It seems that is not for sale yet , since the page says that it will be released soon, and when you enter the purchase section it takes you to a form where you must enter your e-mail and a password, I imagine that in order to be notified when it is released, although as everything is written in Chinese I cannot confirm it. We don’t know the price either, although I suppose it will be worth a little less than the original iPhone 4.

As we can see, the Chinese market for pirate copies is improving its products, although I imagine that they will never reach the quality of the originals . It’s really a very good copy, and it seems to work well, but what we’ve seen so far has been a simple video and we already know that in these things, until you try the product in a physical way you don’t see how it really works. I, for my part, still prefer the originals, which give me much more guarantee and confidence.

And you, would you buy a copy like this?

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