Golden Samsung Galaxy S5 to be a Vodafone Exclusive

The Galaxy S5 in gold will be on sale exclusively with Vodafone

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5 a few weeks ago. The launch of the device is approaching and phone operators are already preparing to start selling it. Vodafone has been one of the first operators to show some information on its website about the terminal and announced that they will have an exclusive golden model .

During the presentation of the smartphone, Samsung assured that the device would be available in stores from April 11 and, if nothing has changed, the date is approaching and very soon the new member of the Galaxy family will be available.

Golden Samsung Galaxy S5 to be a Vodafone Exclusive
Golden Samsung Galaxy S5 to be a Vodafone Exclusive

Vodafone didn’t want to waste time and published an image on its website in which ensures that the gold version of the device will be available only to its customers (we assume both current and new).

We do not know if this exclusivity will be permanent or if, on the contrary, they will only maintain it for a few months as has happened with other devices in the past.

Gold-coloured smartphones – guaranteed success?

When there was talk that Apple would launch a gold-coloured iPhone5s, many voices were raised against it. When the device was officially presented the complaints turned into compliments and finally the success of the color was demonstrated, at least in the case of Apple’s device.

Considering the success of the iPhone 5s with this colour , it is not surprising that other manufacturers have also chosen to use this colour . Of course we will have to wait and see the result in the form of sales, since the fact that Apple has achieved it, does not guarantee that others will also achieve it.

The differences between the design of the iPhone 5s in gold and the Galaxy S5 in the same color are very noticeable . From the different shade of gold used, not to mention the type of material used in each terminal.

Galaxy S5 Features

The Galaxy S5 features a 5.1-inch SuperAMOLED FullHD screen , a 16-megapixel camera with a burst rate of just 0.3 seconds and the ability to capture 4K-quality video. It is also important to mention that it has a feature never before seen in a smartphone, the possibility of measuring our heart rate thanks to a built-in sensor.

It also includes some features that have been added by other manufacturers recently. The most notable are, without a doubt, the fingerprint reader integrated into the Home button and the resistance to water and dust.

All these characteristics make it a very attractive device for the consumer , although it will be necessary to wait some time to know the results that it is capable of obtaining on the market.

Are you thinking of buying the Galaxy S5? Do you want it in gold? If so, it seems that Vodafone will be the only company to market it in Spain, at least initially.

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