Get to know the Air Pressure on iPhone 6 with the Barometer App

The Barometer app allows us to know the atmospheric pressure with our iPhone 6

We have already mentioned on a few occasions that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have come to market with a host of new features for users and developers. Among them, Apple has included and squeezed a new motion coprocessor which has been named M8 , an update of the previous M7, which adds a barometer , along with other notable adjustments. Now, a new free application allows us to use the barometer to check the atmospheric pressure, and although the application is quite simple in its current version, it is the only one for which there is currently no charge to download.

Last time, the iPhone 5s’ processor left out all the others in the industry. With a 64-bit architecture (the first of its kind in the smartphone market) the dual-core offering had a clear advantage over its competitors , and the M7 motion coprocessor only added more power, allowing applications that could collect motion-based data, while the device’s battery consumption was also reduced.

Get to know the Air Pressure on iPhone 6 with the Barometer App
Get to know the Air Pressure on iPhone 6 with the Barometer App

With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus promoting the new A8 chip, Apple was almost forced to improve the coprocessor, and while the barometer doesn’t necessarily have to be used by each and every owner of the new handsets, it is nevertheless a useful feature that gives the devices greater functionality.

A new feature that can be very useful

Vendors in the mobile phone market have continually sought ways to add features such as thermometers, fingerprint sensors, heart rate detectors and other features that are increasingly easy to include, and although Apple has not been as direct as, say, Samsung in this regard, the introduction of Apple Watch early next year is likely to allow us to see if Cupertino’s will join the ” Battle of the Sensors” properly.

As for this particular app, called Barometer for iPhone 66 Plus , does what it really should. Although we’re not going to find much more than the price allows either. When we open the app, we’ll find a largely white screen with the air pressure and altitude readings, but we’re sure that as people download it and it becomes more familiar, we’ll see new features and interface.

This application is completely free and can be found on the App Store for use on supported devices.

As pointed out by Redmon Pie, the barometer sensor on iPhone 6 is extremely sensitive, and could pick up a minimal increase in altitude. It won’t always be 100% reliable , which may be understandable, but in any case we won’t notice too big a difference to talk about inaccuracy. I’m sure that little by little we’ll see developers releasing new apps to take advantage of this new feature even more.

Do you think it’s useful to have this feature on our iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? What do you think the applications for this new sensor could be?

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