Get Beatles songs as ringtones for your iPhone

The Beatles

Today we have a novelty in the App Store and I’m sure that with it the “fans” of the Liverpool four will be in luck . Far away are the times of litigation between the label created by the most famous pop band in the world (that “

Get Beatles songs as ringtones for your iPhone
Get Beatles songs as ringtones for your iPhone

We are bigger than Jesus We’re more popular than Jesus now” lost them) and the company created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. I’m sure many of you will remember those lawsuits that finally settled and brought us the music of this mythical band to the iTunes Store.

So from today, if you want any of their hits to play when they call you on your iPhone, just download any Beatles song or album from the iTunes Store . Whether you choose to buy music from one of their compilations, albums, or individual songs, they’ll not only download for listening through your iPhone player, but you can also use them as a ringtone.

I have a serious memory associated with all the songs on the first Beatles album (Please, please me if my memory serves me right) and that is that they take me back to a very distant childhood when this music swarmed around my house, playing and singing with my brothers… What is your favourite? Love me do? Hey Jude? Helter Skelter?… For 1,29 euros you will have the complete song and the tone , this if you decide to download a concrete song, if you buy a complete album, you will have all the songs that come in it.

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