GarageBand iPad App Receives Major Update

GarageBand is a truly great iPad app that lets you create your own music. The app includes a nice set of touch instruments that sound great and you can combine them into eight different tracks so you can record them later in the studio. The app is not only capable of sounding like real instruments, it can also record your composition and create real works of art. And your projects are compatible with the desktop version for the Mac, so you can share your creations instantly after they’re recorded.

Fantastic GarageBand app for iPad gets a major update that you can download from the App Store

The new update to GarageBand includes full Audiobus support so you can now use different music applications at the same time. The only downside is that it will only work with iPad 2 and iPad Mini or higher.

GarageBand iPad App Receives Major Update
GarageBand iPad App Receives Major Update

GarageBand also updates one of the most important parts of its edition. Now you can turn off the grid alignment of your recording line so you can edit your music much more accurately and avoid jumps in the timeline.

The GarageBand app is updated to fix a feedback problem that occurred when you plugged any accessory into the headphone jack of your iPad. As you know, the app allows for the input of many third-party accessories.

GarageBand for iPad has a long list of great features. You can use eight different recording channels to exploit the musical variety it offers. Plus you have the opportunity to match your music with over 250 pre-recorded loops in the app itself.

A sample of how GrarageBand for iPad works:

The iPad surprises us more and more every day and the possibility offered by the new GarageBand update is simply fantastic. Audiobus is an application that is purchased separately but allows you to mix sounds from other compatible applications. One feature that is worth mentioning is its synchronization with other devices, up to three friends can join their tablets via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and record by playing at the same time in rigorous live . The application is compatible with all iPad models but due to the amount of resources it absorbs we recommend that it runs on iPad 2 or higher. Are you great artists? Tell us your experience with this great app.

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