FutStats HD for iPad, Bring out the Football Coach in you

FutStats HD for iPad or iPad Mini

A new year begins and with it a new season of football competitions. If you love football statistics , coach a football team or simply like to have all the information about your team to consult at any time, FutStats HD for iPad is your app . With simple menu-driven usability and options, high-definition graphics and as many parameters for your teams and players as you can imagine, FutSats HD allows you to add all your team data. This great app offers you everything you could ask for to always have the best information and make the best decisions for your team. Make your team a champion!

FutStats HD is an application that you will benefit from if you want to have all the data of your players and rival teams on your iPad. The application will offer you the ability to store hundreds of items for each player and each team, so you can get the information you need when you go to play against a team on the pitch or just for the fun of knowing all the footballing secrets of your favourite teams and players. With just a few clicks you’ll be the king of statistics and data!

FutStats HD, all the information about your team and your rivals in this great app

FutStats HD for iPad, Bring out the Football Coach in you
FutStats HD for iPad, Bring out the Football Coach in you

When you start the application you will need to create a team to work with. At the bottom you will have all the categories you can work with and add information: teams, players, competitions, matches, tactics, reports and options . The elements that you can add to your team range from the shirt, format and colours, to the shield, current squad and notes that you feel are important for your information – you are in complete control of your team!

Once you have created one or more teams you will add the players. If you want to add your players’ faces you can use the photos on your iPad or your camera to take their picture at that moment. Your jersey also supports personalisation and the possibility of putting your name and bib on it on the pitch. You will be able to add any notes you consider interesting and, thanks to his career, you will be able to know which team he is on on a specific date, if he played a match, how long he played it, etc. Does that not sound like much?

If you don’t think that’s enough, you’ll have to create a competition that contains matches to add statistics. Once the matches are created, you will be able to add all the data of your players: time played, demarcation, goals, cards, movements, … everything you consider essential to know your team and your opponents better you will find it in this great application. You will know from where your team scores goals, from where a specific team attacks you the most, in which areas of the pitch you play the most , … Essential information to improve the performance and results of your team. And don’t forget the Tactics section, where you can store which team’s drawing you have made in a specific match, which tactics your opponent has used, … A world of data to analyse!

All the power and possibilities of FutStats HD are reflected in a price that is higher than most apps you can find in the App Store but worth paying to get the most out of your football team. At the time of writing the app is on sale and you can get it for 50% of the usual price , so it’s a great opportunity. In addition, you can buy the report module to get PDF listings to send to those people involved in your team, assistant coaches, masseurs or friends you want. What are you waiting for to download it?

Whether you are the coach of a children’s team or a professional team, having all the information about your players and your opponents will allow you to plan your matches and become the best . The simple control of the application, with very clear and precise categories, the large amount of data on your teams and players that you can store, and the regular improvements that the developer brings out in this fantastic app, make this application a must have on your tablet. Download it and become the best football coach by making the best decisions!

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