Fly Delta for iPad now allows you to watch movies and series on flights

Fly Delta allows you to watch movies and TV shows with the iPad in flight

Travelling by plane can be very boring, especially if it is a journey of several hours. Airlines usually offer several options to entertain passengers, but they are usually quite classic or you have to pay for them. Some companies, such as Delta Air Lines, have launched an application called Fly Delta for iPad , which has just received an update to add the possibility of watching movies, series and TV programs while flying .

The first company to test iPad movie playback on board was Qantas in 2011. Hawaiian Airlines joined almost a year ago and was introduced as a standard service last May by United. In the case of Delta Air Lines, its iOS device app features the Delta Studio service, which provides all streaming content free of charge on international flights to first and Economy Comfort passengers.

Fly Delta for iPad now allows you to watch movies and series on flights
Fly Delta for iPad now allows you to watch movies and series on flights

However, the Fly Delta application is somewhat limited for flights to and from the United States , where passengers will have limited access to some content and will have to pay a fee to access other options.

What other options does Fly Delta offer for iPad?

To enjoy the movies, programs and TV series in streaming, Fly Delta makes use of the plane’s WiFi network , becoming the first airline to offer this online service at no additional cost for international flights.

But this is not the only thing we can do with this application, since Fly Delta offers other options with which passengers can consult tourist guides of the different destinations, plan the trip, make flight reservations, consult itineraries, maps or the “Glass Bottom Jet” , an option that allows us to see images in real time of the places we are flying through in that instant and even share that content with our friends through social networks.

The iPad, devices increasingly used in flights

There is no doubt that technology and mobile devices are increasingly present in society and it is not difficult to find tablets in our daily lives. In the case of flights, the use of tablets by pilots is increasing to avoid the use of paper and to be able to receive updated weather reports, among other things.

Finally, since 9to5Mac comment that there is also an application created by Boeing to facilitate the mechanics maintenance tasks. Therefore, it is not surprising that they now seek to integrate the iPad as part of the entertainment system for passengers . Thanks to Fly Delta, it will no longer be necessary to fill the iPad with content to face such a long journey, because the application will offer us a great variety to choose from. Fly Delta is compatible with models that have the iOS 6 version or higher and is available free from the App Store.

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