Five Icon Dock or how to customize our desktop

Today we are back in Tuning iOS trying to show how to change the look of our device. If on other occasions we have opted for more radical changes, this time we have opted for something more conservative but just as attractive. The idea is to increase the icons shown both in the dock and on the desktops of our device. Want to know how? Then read on.

From this section that we have called Tuning iOS, we are determined to give a different touch to our devices with iOS. The dock is one of the most playable elements of our desktop. Proof of this is that in other specials we have dealt with tweaks that allow you to change the look of the dock as is the case with infinidock.

Five Icon Dock or how to customize our desktop
Five Icon Dock or how to customize our desktop

Five Icon Dock is a tweak from Cydia which will allow us to have five icons in the dock of our iPhone . In some cases, the four icons that iOS limits us to may be scarce. It is not that increasing to five will be a big step, but for some users it may be an interesting option.

Five Icon Dock is a free application that we have available and that we can find in the repositories that by default come in Cydia and is compatible among other applications with Five Column , that as its name indicates it creates five columns instead of the four that come by default.

The installation method is essentially the same as that detailed in other articles. Once we have a device in our possession with the Jailbreak done, the next step is to go to Cydia and search for Five Icon Dock . Once installed the device will reboot and when we access our springboard we’ll be able to see the new image we’ve given our gadget.

The icons are added in the same way as before. As you can see, the installation process is extremely simple. Now we are going to curl the curl and match this tweak with Five Column . So now we can add a fifth horizontal column of icons to our device desktop. By decreasing the space between the different icons we can get the same number of applications as before but on a smaller number of desktops .

Its installation follows the same steps as the previous one. Access Cydia and search for Five Column ; once installed, our device will present within Settings a section called Five Column SpringBoard from which we can adjust the parameters of tweak . One of the options we find is Enable FCSB , which allows us to turn on or off whenever we want. Don’t forget that when you activate Five Columns, you have to rearrange the icons , so that they are displayed in the desired way on your springboard .

As you can see, two simple yet effective ways to give our device a new look. And in your case what is your tweak of Cydia preferred for changing the look of your iPod or iPad? .

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