Five good reasons to switch to Mac


If I ask you right now for a reason to switch to Mac, you’ll probably think “it’s nice”, “it’s so white”, “it doesn’t hang”. Not bad, but if you want to convince a friend or even if you have doubts yourself, here are 5 good reasons to switch to Mac.

Five good reasons to switch to Mac
Five good reasons to switch to Mac

Compatibility. This may be one of the biggest contradictions of the platform, although many people think, or thought, that Apple computers were not compatible with the rest of the world the truth is that compatibility is one of the biggest advantages of the platform.

This is a double advantage: on the one hand, the system is compatible with all types of peripherals without the need for complicated installations, and on the other hand is compatible with all types of programs and files in the PC world , nothing can stand in your way.

Leopard. It may seem trivial, but Leopard may be one of the best reasons to move to a Mac today. The problem is that Vista, in spite of not being a bad operating system, doesn’t really work for classic Windows users, and of course switching to Windows XP, an OS of more than 6 years old is not the best option, it’s an old system, with many limitations for current hardware and generally outdated. Leopard is powerful, simple to use, futuristic, beautiful, but it is also a 64bits system from the kernel and with all the available technologies and protocols already implemented.

Security. No need to repeat what we all know, using Leopard is simply enjoyable, you just work and the operating system does its job, no more viruses or headaches.

Apple hardware + Apple software = less trouble. It makes sense, that Apple can thoroughly test its operating system on each of its computers to ensure full compatibility and ultimately less problems for the future. It is understandable that Windows has many more problems in this respect as it is a system that has to support many pieces of hardware, in this case more than an advantage is a fact, although it is still a utility for the end user.

Price. Who said expensive? Every day Apple computers are cheaper, you only have to look at how the 24-inch iMac costs 500 euros less in just one year, which makes it one of the best value computers on the market. The same goes for the MacBook, a laptop for everyone at really competitive prices. Perhaps the exception is the profersional computers, but even they within their sector have really competitive prices.

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