First look inside the iFixit Mac Pro

As is traditional when a new Apple product is released from iFixit, they have purchased the new Mac Pro 2019 so that they can perform u n disassembly and observe all the internal components of this professional equipment. And of course, they tried to scratch cheese on its unique chassis, but the result wasn’t too good.

One thing I’m sure many of us are wondering is whether the Mac Pro can really scratch cheese. The peculiar design of its case is designed to keep the computer well cooled as it includes a quite powerful processor that can end up getting quite hot. But this peculiar chassis has been in the center of much derision because of its similarity to a cheese grater and since iFixit they wanted to try it out. The result, as you can see in the video, is that you can grate cheddar cheese but it is all inside so you can’t eat it. So we can consider it a half grater.

First look inside the iFixit Mac Pro
First look inside the iFixit Mac Pro

In the rest of the video that we have left you below you can see how they do a first disassembly of the computer showing the main parts like the RAM, its three fans and the different radiators that they include to be able to dissipate all the heat generated. You can also see how to install a new graphics memory and the location of the processor that is the central core of this piece of equipment.

The first conclusions they have reached is that this team has an impressive mechanical design that has left them with their mouths open. Obviously we will have to wait for the entire disassembly to be able to analyze each of its parts and the construction materials that are included.

We must emphasize once again that this is a device intended for professionals who require a very good processor so the components included are intended for them. We observe in the first dismount that up to four graphic cards and several RAM card slots can be included since we can include up to 1.5 TB of RAM memory. Next week it is expected that iFixit will publish the complete unmount with an exclusive analysis that we will comment in La Manzana Mordida.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of the first impressions you have made since iFixit.

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