Final Cut Pro X update this year

We continue with more pearls left by yesterday’s keynote, in this case we’re going to talk about Final Cut, Apple’s video editor. It seems that we will have a new version of Final Cut Pro X at the end of this year, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the Mac Pro presented yesterday. Remember that this Mac Pro supports up to three 4K screens, which gives a lot of gameplay to the most professional.

The presentation of the Mac Pro during yesterday’s keynote meant that Apple’s top professionals were thinking about when we’d see a new update to the professional software, especially Final Cut Pro X, because since its release it’s only had small updates with negligible improvements, but we haven’t seen a big update yet.

Final Cut Pro X update this year
Final Cut Pro X update this year

However, this one will soon arrive, as was confirmed to us yesterday. During the presentation of the Mac Pro, Phil Schiller said :

Schiller didn’t go into detail about the specifications we’ll be seeing in the new version , but support for the new Mac Pro means support for dual-workstation GPUs, something many other professional applications will have to update to be compatible. We also know that the new Mac Pro will support up to three 4K screens, so it will give a lot of gameplay to Final Cut, don’t you think?

With all of this Apple aims to win back professional users who were sceptical of Final Cut Pro X , the new version of Final Cut Pro X is coming later this year and will also include a number of features and functions that users lost with the arrival of Final Cut Pro X two years ago.

Speaking of the new Mac Pro, it seems that the first drawbacks are already appearing . For example, Mac Pro seems to allow only memory and disk upgrades, so it looks like a Mac mini in terms of customization compared to the current Mac Pro designs. Of course, there’s a lot we don’t know about this monster, we’ll have to wait to get our hands on it to be sure of its limitations.

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