Facebook Messenger App Store Now Available

As we already mentioned, after the F8, Facebook released many news and among them the new Facebook chat platform was circulating. Well, the new Facebook Messenger App Store is now available and although at the moment the number of apps is not excessively large, they integrate perfectly with the application, or so Facebook would like.

After some testing, and although the applications have been approved for iOS, they are not working as well as expected at the moment . In last week’s Facebook announcement, he commented that we could install apps that would allow us to use GIFs, photos, videos, audio, and a lake and so on.

The new Facebook Messenger platform

Facebook Messenger App Store Now Available
Facebook Messenger App Store Now Available

After Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced the new Messenger philosophy, developers have a new platform where they can create new applications to try and make Facebook Messenger bigger. Although Facebook joked about getting its own App Store, applications must be installed through the Apple store . But you won’t have to go around much, from Facebook Messenger itself you will be able to choose the available applications.

How to access the available apps

If you use Facebook Messenger normally, you will have noticed that a new button has appeared with some suspension points. If you tap on them, you will directly enter the list of available applications, which you can download for free . Now tap on the word ” INSTALL ” and you will be connected directly to the App Store to download the application, entering your Apple password as usual.

What kind of apps will we find?

At the moment, there are 38 different applications in our country that we can download from our iPhone . Among them you will find different options for sending GIFs, stickers, selfies and even a combination of all three. There are also other types of apps, although they are not the most common, such as the use of augmented reality, the placement of filters or some other. And although it may seem so, Facebook doesn’t do anything special, it simply puts that list inside the App Store.

After downloading two applications from the list, we were able to see how the icons have a touch similar to that of Facebook Messenger . They are framed in tune with the parent application and all have the Messenger symbol inscribed in the lower right-hand corner. We imagine that the new applications that we will be able to download from Facebook, will have this same frame , although instead of white, it will be blue.

The business side of Messenger

At the F8 Facebook event, a lot of emphasis was placed on the business path the company wants to follow. That is why, surely, the commercial side of Messenger will become much more effective . Other companies, such as shipping companies, will create their own apps so that you can follow the goods in real time. But for now, Mark Zuckerberg’s company instant messaging app is very similar to what it was before this update.

Here’s a video of the Facebook promotion at F8 about the app store on Messenger:

And you, do you use Messenger? Thanks to the Cult of Mac guys, we’ve learned that this new Facebook App Store is now fully available . Will this store encourage the use of the app, to chat with friends?

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