Facebook Launches Atlas, its New Advertising Platform for Third Parties

Atlas, the new Facebook advertising platform is up and running

The social network company announced last Monday the arrival of Atlas, an advertising platform they will use to buy ads on sites outside the social network , but which can be segmented thanks to the data collected through it. In this way, Facebook will not only become their own ad manager within the social network, but also for third party sites.

The popular network launched a statement a couple of days ago in which they not only announced the launch of Atlas, but also took the opportunity to raise awareness about the platform. Thus, thanks to Atlas online advertising campaigns will be better positioned to reach the appropriate audience segment and on the appropriate device. Moreover, the real impact of these campaigns in the stores can also be measured.

Facebook Launches Atlas, its New Advertising Platform for Third Parties
Facebook Launches Atlas, its New Advertising Platform for Third Parties

The main objective of this new Facebook advertising platform is to reduce the gap that currently exists between online impressions and in-store purchases . Will it succeed?

Facebook, a major competitor to Google at the advertising level

The fact that Facebook is the most used social network in the world with more than 1.3 billion users makes it one of Google’s biggest competitors in the area of advertising. The social network company also has a competitive advantage when it comes to offering advertising thanks to the information it can gather from the activity of its users. But social network users can rest assured that FB has announced that neither Atlas nor the advertisers will be able to access either the contact information or the name of the users .

On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg’s company boasts that Atlas offers segmented marketing focusing on people rather than on information collected through cookies . In this way, advertising is more focused on users and more likely to reach the right segment.

Atlas enables user-centred segmentation

In the statement, they claim that the technology commonly used to display ads on the network and measure their results (cookies) is not perfect when used alone . For example, cookies do not work on mobile devices and are less and less accurate when it comes to knowing the demographic segmentation. They also point out that they cannot accurately measure the purchase funnel through browsers and devices or stores.

In this sense, the Atlas platform allows you to buy ads on sites outside the social network in a much more targeted and focused way to the people you want to reach.

Finally, we cannot ignore all the changes that Facebook is making lately, because from some time ago have been introducing very important new features , focusing mainly on its application for mobile devices.

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